Metacryp: An Emerging Metaverse Like The Sandbox You Can’t Miss

MetaCryp Network is a metaverse platform built on the Binance Smart Chain that aims to provide its users with an ecosystem where they can relax from daily stress.

The project will use blockchain technology to create a virtual space for community members to work, play and socialize. While not the first metaverse platform, the team aims to solve five problems associated with blockchain projects.

First, MetaCryp wants to solve the problem of lack of transparency and lack of trust familiar with some blockchain projects. Why do these projects lack transparency? Some do not provide details about their token allocation, reward system and governance mechanism.

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However, MetaCryp will ensure that all of its operational processes are responsible. In addition, the project will use smart contracts to document its reward system. In return, MetaCryp will be an open source platform that investors and users trust.

In addition, MetaCryp removes procedures from blockchain games that discourage new people from entering the industry. These procedures include KYC registrations, payment of commissions or other costs.

To address this issue, MetaCryp will ensure that its users do not need to provide their contact information when joining its metaverse. Instead, users simply connect their crypto wallets and authorize as many transactions as possible.

Meanwhile, some blockchain games charge users recurring fees to play games. At the same time, they remove hidden fees like wallet maintenance fees.

On the other hand, MetaCryp does not charge entry fees and the required deductions will be small compared to other platforms. In terms of wallet maintenance, it will be useless as MetaCryp uses a peer-to-peer payment method via a crypto wallet.

Furthermore, strict transaction processes and delayed settlement time will not exist in the MetaCryp metaverse. Its users can quickly move crypto assets to their public wallets through a free in-game wallet.

In addition, GameFi projects sometimes prevent their communities from participating in governance. On the contrary, MetaCryp will put its community first. Its users can always submit suggestions and have the right to make statements and vote on the decisions that MetaCryp will make.

MetaCryp Token MTCR

The MTCR token will act as both a utility and governance token for the MetaCryp ecosystem. MTCR will give users access to the metaverse platform and serve as a reward for those who use the virtual space.

MetaCryp vs. The sandbox

Like MetaCryp, The Sandbox is a metaverse platform where you can invest in virtual lands. After purchasing a plot or property, you can develop and build a gaming experience and sell or store it.

Along with a full-fledged metaverse, The Sandbox offers three other products: VoxEdit, an NFT Marketplace, and a Game Creator. VoxEdit and The Sandbox Game Maker help create digital art that you convert to NFT. Furthermore, these NFTs belong to you permanently until you decide to sell them.

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The sandbox uses SAND, an ERC-20 token, to power its GameFi economy. SAND is a utility token that allows you to perform all transactions within the gaming ecosystem.

MeteCryp vs. FTX Token

FTX is among the leading centralized exchanges. The crypto platform is based in the Bahamas after leaving Hong Kong. It has a separate company, FTX US, which operates primarily in the United States. Although a common management team runs the two, their capital structures and trading products are different.


On September 5, 2022, FTX USA President Brett Harrison said on Twitter that he had resigned. In the meantime, he will continue to work with FTX US in an advisory role.

  • Create a cryptocurrency wallet and add BTC, ETH, BNB or MATIC.
  • Go to the MetaCryp presale site by clicking here.
  • Create an account and enter the amount of MTCR tokens you plan to buy.
  • Deposit the crypto to complete your purchase.
  • MetaCryp rewards you with a bonus of 32% of the amount you buy for the first time.

Last word

The MetaCryp Network is a metaverse project that creates a virtual home for everyone.

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