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The concept developed by the Homnia group aims to allow people with disabilities to live at home, but together, and the city of La Baule has decided to create an innovative inclusive housing program in the former rectory Escoublac, which will become La Villa Zélie. Sophie Peureux, municipal council member responsible for disabilities, emphasizes that “it is a political will of Franck Louvrier and the municipal team to put people with disabilities back in the heart of the city. Inclusive housing is shared housing for six adults with disabilities, arranged in a villa as a family home where these people will be able to benefit from a home help to develop their autonomy”. Franck Louvrier, mayor of La Baule, also wants to “get out of the bad clichés by showing that La Baule-Escoublac is a open city which welcomes everyone and especially those who were born differently or who have experienced an accident in life. Disability is a major social problem affecting 10 million people in France, or 24% of the working population. If the way of looking at these people has evolved, there is still much to do to improve their place in society and recognize them as a full social and civil function”.

They will truly be private homes for these people who will share living space as well as human support services.

Franck Louvrier adds: “This innovative and symbolic project is of a scale rarely undertaken by a municipality. With “Club des 6”, Homnia develops a solution for social inclusion by creating solidarity housing in the city, which consists of housing adapted to people with disabilities, where isolation and difference are obsolete and make room for sharing. Specifically, the investment of DKK 1.1 million will be made. Homnia against the building being made available by the town hall through a long-term lease (60 years), for a single fee of €1. Ownership of the property remains with the municipality at the end of the lease. It should be noted that these public housing units are counted under the SRU calculation without investment from the municipality. They will truly be private homes for these people who will share living space as well as human support services. A roommate cannot actually live independently with only a few hours of help a day. The pooling of hours from the group of six roommates will thus allow them to get help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Franck Louvrier is proud to support this project because “it is innovative, generates new values ​​of solidarity and it actively participates in creating a climate of tolerance among citizens. It is also a real social enrichment for the inhabitants of the municipality, as valid citizens learn to live in contact with difference, to overcome their fears and their judgement, to take a new look at disability, and this from the earliest young age”.

Our policy aims to improve everyday life for people with disabilities

Sophie Peureux has no shortage of projects in this area: “Our policy aims to improve the everyday life of people with disabilities. This involves several things, such as a brand that we will offer businesses and hotels in La Baule to improve the customer experience for people with disabilities. We also want to promote access to the beach. We also work with accessibility by adapting access to public buildings. We have a non-municipal commission that will work to improve everyday life for people with disabilities, with elected officials, representatives of associations, carers, health personnel and people with disabilities. We are lucky to have a mayor who is very aware of the disability area and who gives us carte blanche to improve everything that can improve the everyday life of people with disabilities”.

Listen to Sophie Peureux at Yannick Urrien’s microphone on Thursday 13 October on Kernews

Photo: Franck Louvrier hands over the keys to La Villa Zélie to Maïlys Cantzler, founder of Homnia, in the presence of Sophie Peureux, municipal councilor responsible for disabilities.

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