The hidden button on the car handle is unknown but so useful

A large majority of cars are equipped with interior handles located above the passenger windows. This equipment in the car’s cabin has a practical role to allow passengers to hang on to it in, for example, a tight bend. However, its original function is quite different.

Find out what the handle, generally located above the passenger doors, was originally intended for and a little known function in another point that is nevertheless very useful.

What was the original function of the handle above the windows in a car?

The handle of the car

The car’s handle – Source: spm

The interior handles of the car are mainly present on the passenger side. In some models, it may also be present above the driver’s door. But this is much less common, because the driver has a duty to keep both hands firmly on the steering wheel. Thus, we can think that this accessory is not very useful. But the reality is very different!

The handle was originally placed above the door to facilitate entry and exit of the vehicle, which can be useful not only in large vehicles, but also for the disabled, the elderly and pregnant women.

One of Ford’s engineers, Jared Glaspell, recalled in 2003, at the request of the Detroit News, that during the design of the Mercury Monterey model, he had tested, during the simulations carried out, how to make the vehicle more comfortable for the pregnant women.

In addition, there would be several explanations for the lack of a handrail on the driver’s side, the steering wheel can also act as a kind of handle, and it would of course be inconvenient if you got out of the car or sank into the seat while grabbing. the handle above the door. Because this handle above all has a function of comfort.

What is the hidden button on the car handle for?

Teacher and Tok Tok user @jmac8781 learned in a video that her car’s back seat handles were more functional than she thought. In fact, the spring-loaded handles can be pulled down for maintenance. This little-known trick was popularized in a video by @sanne_vberkel. When the teacher saw the tutorial, she wanted to try it herself. See instead:

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What are the car accessories that make life easier for the driver?

Phone holder for GPS navigation

Telephone support for navigation on GPS – Source: spm

To ensure good driving, it is necessary to guarantee a certain level of comfort in the cabin of your vehicle. There are thus many useful interior accessories that will make your driving experience pleasant. Among this equipment there are:

  • The USB charger: this car accessory is essential, especially if you are often on the road with your car. Thanks to it, you can charge your smartphone and it will never run out of batteries. You can also charge with your other electronic devices such as laptops.
  • The phone holder: clip or magnetic, it is very useful when you want to use your phone as a GPS to show you the way. It is often very easy to install and can be attached either to the air vent or to the inside of your windshield.
  • Bluetooth hands-free kit: it allows you to make a call without touching your phone thanks to its voice commands and not to be distracted during the call.

All these accessories are therefore made to guarantee you the necessary comfort and make it easier for you to drive your vehicle.

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