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The Paris Motor Show opens its doors this Monday, Porte de Versailles. New 4L, Peugeot 408 or even Ocean Fisker and new MicroLino, here are the new features not to be missed.

The Paris Motor Show will be held next week from October 17 (reserved for the press) to October 23, Porte de Versailles in Paris. If you find here all the practical information about exhibitors and ticket bookings, BFM Auto takes stock of the new features not to be missed in this 2022 edition, four years after the last edition.

The new 4L, Renault’s star

It is undoubtedly the most anticipated vehicle at this show: the new 4L. It will be one of the very first pieces of news to be revealed this Monday morning, and if only at the prototype stage, this modern reinterpretation looks like a small, long-legged model. Renault will also exhibit the future R5, another emblematic model that should enable the diamond brand to gain market share in Europe in this electric car segment. Zero emission cars of all sizes will have pride of place in this exhibition. Note the presence of the concept that prefigures the future Scénic and the R5 Turbo, a supercharged concept tribute to the original R5 Turbo.

R5 Turbo 3E show car.
R5 Turbo 3E show car. ©Renault

Dacia Manifesto, a Romanian brand that wants to be cheaper

This is another concept that will attract attention at the show: The Manifesto. With this small adventure vehicle, Dacia traces the lines of its stylistic future. This concept also defines its new positioning, claiming less a cheap approach than positioning at an acceptable price.

Focus on (all) small cars

The success of the Citroën AMI made them take center stage. “Small” electric cars will have a place of honor at the World Cup, in the absence of the chevron badge. Aixam, the Barcelona-based two-wheeled brand Silence, the XEV, the Swiss Microlino with its modern reinterpretation of the Isetta, the new Duo from Mobilize (a kind of new generation Twizy)… the “intermediate cars” as researcher Aurélien Bigo will present another facet of electric mobility.

Avenger, the first electric Jeep

Only three brands from the Stellantis group will be present at the Paris Motor Show: DS, Jeep and Peugeot. With a strong emphasis on electricity and SUVs or the like. The big news will be the first electric Jeep, the Avenger. This “Baby Jeep” is cut for the European market, where it will be manufactured, in Poland. This model is the first in the series to adopt a zero-emission engine.

The first 100% electric Jeep, the Avenger.
The first 100% electric Jeep, the Avenger. © Jeep

Peugeot is entering the SUV-coupe segment

The 408 will be the star of the Peugeot stand. This model with an SUV look, but with sharp lines that mix sedan and crossover, will not be electric, but only plug-in hybrid and gasoline. It will also feature the latest version of i-cockpit, Peugeot’s connected driving mode.

With the 408, Peugeot inaugurates a new body, between the sedan and the SUV.
With the 408, Peugeot inaugurates a new body, between the sedan and the SUV. © JB

Fisker Ocean, one of the other electrical pioneers

Fisker is one of the electrical pioneers, like Tesla. If the brand has had its ups and downs, it’s back this year with an Ocean SUV. Its rival has both models like those from MG Motors and BYD as well as the Tesla Model Y (the price of more than 40,000 euros classifies it more in this category of vehicles). Please note that Fisker does not have a stand, but will exhibit at the Crédit Agricole stand. The bank intends to diversify its offer in the automotive sector.

BYD, WEY, Seres, Chinese manufacturers expose themselves

Although the volumes are still small, Chinese brands – such as MG Motors – are gradually making a name for themselves in the European market. Several will exhibit at Mondial, especially one of the country’s leaders in electricity: BYD. With a sedan, but above all two SUVs, including a compact model, the Song Plus EV (500 kilometers of autonomy), the brand has made Paris an important phase of its arrival in Europe.

Another brand expected in this electric SUV segment: WEY. Owned by the Great Wall group, Wey occupies a more exclusive positioning. Great Wall will also unveil the new commercial for the Ora Cat, its electric city car, which made an impression a year ago at the Munich Motor Show.

Hopium and his Machina Vision

A new French brand will make its debut in front of the general public at this motor show: Hopium. Launched by pilot Olivier Lombard, the manufacturer develops hydrogen cars. The first is called Machina, a sports sedan. The manufacturer has also just announced the installation of its first factory in Normandy. A project made in France.

.Machina Vision, Hopium's first sedan
.Machina Vision, Hopium’s first sedan © Hopium

Brint will have a proud place at the fair: NAMX. Its first model, an SUV, or rather a HUV (H for hydrogen of course) will have an output of 300 to 550 horsepower. Above all, it will have a unique recharging model, as small capsules filled with hydrogen will make it possible to recharge without going through a station.

The show will also have a corner dedicated to utility vehicles

Ferrari, Pagani … the sports cars of the show
If the luxury manufacturers are absent from this Mondial 2022, there will nevertheless be sports cars to admire. The booth for the Vilbrequin YouTubers will notably host a Pagani Hyuara BC roadster with its 802 horsepower, in addition to its supercharged Fiat Multipla. Many Ferraris will be on display at the show, including a Ferrari 296 GTB with a 3.0 V6 in the central rear position, a model released last year and a collection of 16 Ferraris (including a LaFerrari, an SP2 Monza). A space dedicated to French sports car brands (Pantore, KGM, Genty, Deviallet). Finally, new models will be on display, such as a replica of the Batcycle, the fictional motorcycle of the protagonists of the game Gotham Knights, and a life-size Lamborghini in… Lego.

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