New Metaverse Hometopia Video Game Aims To Be “Roblox For Adults”

New York, NY, October 2022 – Everyrealm, the metaverse tech company backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase and The Weeknd, partners with a video game called Hometopia to launch the world’s first mainstream metaverse game for designing, building and renovating virtual property.

Hometopia is a free-to-play video game that allows players to build their ideal home and community together with friends. Unlike traditional video games, Hometopia players truly own everything they build and acquire.

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“Hometopia will capture those looking for a more realistic home design and world building game as they age from the house building games they loved as kids. Hometopia is on its way to becoming this generation’s reference The Simsone of the best selling PC games of all time, WHO sold over 11 million copies and generated over $5 billion in revenue,” said Alex Ahlund, founder and developer of Hometopia.

Hometopia’s gameplay mechanics are similar to some of Roblox’s most popular home design games, such as Bloxburg and Brookhaven. Released in 2015, Bloxburg has received over five billion views and has been favorited over 11 million times. Brookhaven, another Roblox-based home building simulation game, regularly has over 450,000 concurrent users.

Janine Yorio, CEO of Everyrealm, said: “As a playful combination of Pinterest, Houzz and Wayfair, Hometopia is poised to capture those looking for more grown-up versions of the Roblox decorating games they learned to love as kids and especially want appeals to a female demographic that has been overlooked by most metaverse game projects but represents a disproportionate amount of purchasing power.

Everyrealm is best known for its vast and diverse metaverse real estate properties and successful metaverse projects, including Fantasy Islands and The Row.

Backed by Polygon, Forte and Overwolf, Hometopia is a project led by Alex Ahlund, a 20+ year veteran of the video game industry, best known for his top-grossing mobile games, including design this house and Design this castleeach of which had more than 25 million players.

Hometopia has been in development for over three years and will launch later this year for free on the Epic Games Store for PC, with Mac and other platforms to follow.


About Everyrealm

Everyrealm is a metaverse technology company that brings the metaverse to life, develops and invests in technology that connects people to the metaverse. Everyrealm is one of the most active investors and developers in the metaverse real estate ecosystem. Everyrealm develops, incubates, and invests in metaverse projects designed to bring the metaverse to life, including Fantasy Islands, Realm Academy, the Row, an esports guild and tournament platform, and many more. Today, Everyrealm manages a portfolio that includes investments in over 30 metaverse platforms and over 4,000 NFTs.

About Hometopia

Hometopia Inc. is a joint venture between metaverse company Everyrealm and game company Giant Junior. Giant Junior was founded in 2002 as a game developer and publisher of popular casual games such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Nightmare in day care to larger web portals and retail stores. Under their brand of mobile games, Application Ministhey achieved more than 25 million downloads in the top grossing home design game design this house and Design this castle among other.

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