7 important things to do before selling your car in 2022

If you are planning to sell your used car and are looking for the most important tips before putting it on buy-sell websites, you have come to the right page. In this article I have listed 7 most important ones things to do before selling your car in 2022. Scroll down this page to learn how these tips can help you earn extra money from buyers.

Cars can be very different things to different people. For some people, cars are their personal vehicles and means of transportation; for some they are collectibles and a few people consider their cars to be rides.

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One factor remains unchanged; cars are expensive! It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a car just for transportation or to collect a limited edition, you’ll undoubtedly burn some healthy cash out of your pocket. Considering one used car is therefore a good option, just like sell a used car.

Here are 7 things to do before selling your car in 2022:

Important things to do before selling your car

If you are going to buy a new car, I would recommend buying a used one instead of burning through your money. Whoever buys used cars can save a lot of money and I think smart middle class people (like me) always go for used cars.

When I want to upgrade my car, I consider buying a used car as it can help me save my hard earned money. Selling your old car will not only give you a few dollars, but it will also give someone the opportunity to make a good investment.

So if you own a car and now want to sell it, take a look at these 7 Things to remember before selling your used car.

#1. Make sure your car is in good condition

The first thing that matters when we buy a used car is the quality of the car. If it is perfectly fine in appearance and functionality, it plays a significant role in the price your vehicle should have.

car in good condition

If you sell your car in top condition with extremely well-functioning parts, your vehicle can fetch a reasonable price.

It is also just a courtesy to ensure that selling someone is worth selling at the set price.

Therefore, it is a must to ensure that the quality, interior, exterior and parts of your car are in good health!

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#2. Check the buyer’s background

The next thing we want to talk about might sound pretty dodgy, but background checks on your new car owner are crucial.

buyer experience

It is considered necessary by many because you want to sell something that is so dear to you. Also, making sure your modern car buyer is reliable makes the money transaction easier.

If you really trust the person, you can choose several payment options such as installment payment and bank transfer. It is important to know your customer because it is not a trinket you are selling, it is your car.

#3. Share the proportional bonus

Now that we’ve talked about the non-technical aspects of selling a car, let’s consider the technical aspects as well. The proportional premium is basically the money you have to pay for your car cover.

car insurance

The money you have paid as a proportional premium must be added to the price of the car, as you will no longer use it. The successor must have the premium for the car and the installments paid.

If you have paid for a certain period and sell your vehicle before the end of this period, you can also request part of this money.

Suppose you paid for a year and sold it after six months, then you can definitely ask for half the premium. Also check out these best laptops under $300.

#4. Create a legal agreement

Often there can be disagreement between buyer and seller about several aspects of the car in question. To avoid factual errors and getting into an ugly fight, it is advisable to draw up a legal agreement.


Legal agreements basically help to completely eliminate the risk of the buyer or seller changing their attitude about something. For example, if you said that you previously mentioned that a certain policy is due for renewal, and later the buyer denies knowing about it, you may disagree.

On the contrary, if you have mentioned the same in your legal agreement, the buyer cannot disagree because even though there is no oral statement, it is written and agreed through the document.

Therefore, legal contracts are a savior in this regard. You can visit this page to get a template for a car sales agreement and make changes as needed.

#5. Create a car maintenance log

A car service record is the record of all repairs, maintenance services or washes that the car has undergone. The form helps you by presenting itself as a testimony that your vehicle is in good condition and cared for.

Maintenance record

Therefore, a well-maintained car will bring much more money, the selling price will be higher than a poorly maintained vehicle.

Creating a car maintenance record will show that you have done your part in taking good care of the car. To further help your case and allow you to negotiate a higher price, the maintenance books for your car are essential.

If you are an Android user, you can also use this app to log your car’s maintenance history.

#6. Obtaining an unclaimed bonus

Getting an NCB or No Claim Bonus retention letter from your insurance company is a smart move. You can enjoy the benefits of a PNE even when you transfer the policy because the PNE is non-transferable.

No claim bonus

You can keep NCB and enjoy its benefits even when you buy a new car insurance policy for your new car. Be sure to follow the legal steps and submit all the forms and evidence required by the insurance company. You might also want to check out these best manga reading sites.

#seven. Maintain transparency with the buyer

While you should check your buyer’s background, it’s also important to be honest. It is necessary to maintain full transparency to eradicate any potential problems later.

Buyer transparency

Be aware of any damage the car may have sustained and any criminal charges filed against the license plate number. Failure to disclose such matters may lead to charges and lawsuits for dishonesty and misrepresentation.

Creating a car service record and legal agreement is also part of being honest with your buyer. They are certainly more usual and technical, but they also prove that you are honest about your car.

You can avoid talking about why you are selling the vehicle and whether it brings up good or bad memories because they are personal.

It is extremely important to share relevant car details as it saves you from being accused and also provides complete information to the buyer.

Bottom line

Cars often become a vital part of our lives; we create good memories with our vehicles and our experiences. Of course, it can be very difficult to let go of something that is potentially so dear to you.

Selling a used car can be a good thing; you will be ready for an upgrade, get another vehicle that you can create more memories with and have an amount for it from the last car.

You also want to give someone the opportunity to invest in a car whether they want it or not. Someone who is just learning to drive can be overwhelmed by the thought of buying a new car, and this can be solved with a used car.

We hope this guide helps you make a sweet sale and stay safe in the process! Keep visiting the Cartel Press blog for more interesting reading.

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