10 tricks to clean car plastic (and keep it like new).

The plastic inside the car dusts quickly…

…and even gets sticky after a while.

Not to mention all the stains made by pets and children.

So how do you clean plastic to keep it looking new?

In any case, it should not be done.

Because using an ill-fitting product can leave marks or even scratches.

So be careful not to damage the plastic on the dashboard, steering wheel or door.

To do it well, it is enough to apply natural and inexpensive grandmother’s tricks.

Yes, no need to use industrial chemicals.

I have tested all these methods and I can tell you they work like a charm.

Discover so 10 tips and products for cleaning car plastics. See:

Dust off the plastic first

Before you give yourself all the natural cleansing methods, you need to do one important thing.

You must first dust and remove small dirt on the surface.

Because a car dashboard is like furniture at home.

A lot of dust collects on it over time.

So dust well before the plastic is ready to be cleaned in depth.

And as I told you, no need to use industrial products sold at Norauto, Carrefour or Auchan.

You simply take a slightly damp microfiber cloth and wipe it over the entire surface.

For hard-to-reach places (eg air vents), take a cotton swab to clean the area.

And if there is really too much dirt, don’t hesitate to stop by a good vacuum cleaner.

What natural products to clean the car’s plastic?

Once the surfaces are dusty, use the natural recipes below.

They allow you to clean the plastic thoroughly while protecting it longer without discolouring it.

Not to mention they are 100% organic unlike commercial products.

Come on, let’s go for a deep clean!

1. Use soapy water and white vinegar

The recipe is super simple and highly effective.

First make a soapy water.

To do this, mix water with Marseille soap or dishwashing liquid.

Then add 5 drops of white vinegar.

Take a microfiber cloth, dip it in this water and wring it out.

Clean your plastic with the solution and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Your surfaces are like new again.

2. Use cleansing milk

Cleansing milk is not just for removing makeup.

It also allows to thoroughly clean your car’s plastic!

Soak a clean cloth in cleansing milk and wipe it over the entire area.

Then polish with a soft cloth and everything will be shiny again.

3. Use oil-limestone liniment

Another granny trick that few people know.

The thing about using liniment. Yes, I’m talking about the product that is applied to baby’s bottom.

What is good about liniment, is that it is simultaneously cleansing, nourishing and stain remover.

Run a liniment-soaked cloth over all the plastic on the car.

Polish with a soft cloth and observe the result.

4. Use black soap

Black soap is a great product when it comes to cleaning everything around the house.

What we know less, is that it can also be used to clean the car’s plastic.

You take a sponge, moisten it a little and pour a drop of black soap on it.

The black soap will clean on the one hand, but it will also revive the material if the plastic is slightly stained.

5. Use baking soda and tea tree essential oil

Baking soda is the product you need to clean the entire car.

It is super effective for washing bodywork, fabric seats and headlights.

Well, we complete it all with car plastic.

For this material, bicarbonate is used in the following way.

Take a spray bottle and pour 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 6 large tablespoons of warm water into the tank.

Add more, to make it smell good, 8 drops of tea tree essential oil.

Spray on the area to be treated.

Finally, wipe the plastic with a clean, soft cloth and let it dry completely.

6. Use soda crystals and baking soda

There is another variation that can be used with baking soda.

The thing about adding soda crystals.

In a spray bottle, mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of soda crystals.

Add water and then 15 to 20 drops of peppermint essential oils.

All you have to do is shake the bottle and spray the solution on the plastic.

Leave to dry for 2 minutes and wipe off with a clean cloth or paper towel.

7. Use natural wipes

To easily clean and clean plastic, there is nothing more convenient than doing it with wipes.

Except you don’t have to take any, and especially not industrial wipes!

Know that you can do it yourself cheaply and in a completely natural way.

For that you use either this trick or this one.

They are both made from white vinegar and essential oils. So natural.

When your wipes are done, place them on your car’s plastic as usual.

Tell me the news.

8. Rinse aid

Another product that you can divert from its primary function is fabric softener.

This product can actually clean your car’s plastic easily.

To do this, simply take a clean microfiber cloth and put a few drops of fabric softener on it.

Gently rub the plastic in small circular motions.

Above all, let it dry well.

This trick restores shine to your plastic while perfuming the car.

9. Olive oil and linseed oil

There are 2 household oils which you can use to clean car plastics in depth.

Linseed oil and olive oil.

You just put a few drops of these oils on a clean microfiber cloth.

Then you scrub your inner plastic in small circles.

Finish the job by taking paper towels to remove excess oil.

10. Use WD-40

WD40 is used for many things and in particular to clean plastic.

He is straight very effective in removing residue and restoring shine to this material.

Spray WD40 on the plastic area to be cleaned.

Run a clean, dry microfiber cloth directly over the product as if you were spreading it.

The plastic starts to shine immediately!

3 more tips to make interior plastic shine

– Always work in the shade, in a car at room temperature. In this way, the products do not dry out too quickly and leave white marks.

– Apart from WD-40, spray cleaning agents on the cloth; never directly on the surface.

– Always form small circles on the surfaces you clean and always with a clean cloth.

Your trip…

Have you tried our tips for natural cleaning of plastic in your car? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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