Toyota believes that a hybrid car is almost as ‘clean’ as an electric car, but this is not true

Toyota still strongly believes in the hybrid and does not plan to do without this engine in the next few years. The company does not want to put all its eggs in one basket. The reason for this is that hybrid cars are quite similar to electric cars in terms of CO2 emissions.

It’s a fact: all manufacturers will have to go fully electric if they want to continue selling their cars in Europe. In fact, it will be prohibited to market new thermal vehicles in the territory from 2035, as adopted by the European Commission. A deadline that all car brands are preparing for. All? Not really, because some resist again and again.

Reasons to believe in the hybrid

This is especially the case with Toyota. In fact, the Japanese company has always been a pioneer in hybridization, especially with its Prius, which was launched for the very first time in 1997. Today, the manufacturer offers a wide range of models equipped with this engine, including the Yaris, Yaris Cross, Corolla and others C-HR and RAV4.

On the other hand, and until the launch of the bZ4X, the company did not offer any 100% electric car. A first attempt was not very successful, while the latter underwent an extensive recall campaign due to a problem with the wheels, which then detached from the vehicle. Don’t worry, everything is now resolved.

As we know, Toyota has never really believed in electricity, which would not necessarily be the only solution to reduce CO2 emissions linked to the car. A positioning maintained by the brand, which at the end of September confirmed its desire to continue its strategy that emphasizes the hybrid, without putting aside the other engines.

The head of the brand, Akio Toyoda actually confirmed that “ playing to win means playing with all the cards in the deck“. For him, it is important to propose several alternatives, as needed. As a reminder, the company is also working on the development of hydrogen engines, while it has marketed its Mirai since 2015.

A positive effect of the hybrid, really?

A few days ago, Sean Hanley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Toyota Motor Australia spoke at the launch of the new Corolla. Forwarded by Drivethe latter confirms that ” Toyota is not opposed to electric batteries“, but he still points out that ” we believe you need a wide range of technologies to get there. The point is this: the carbon is the enemy here, not the powertrain“.

According to the brand’s calculations, three hybrid cars sold are “almost equal” to an electric car in terms of CO2 emissions. We can have serious doubts about this calculation, as plug-in hybrid cars, as the EU reminds us, are much more polluting than we think, due to the weight of the battery, which drastically increases consumption when driving long distances.

Non-rechargeable hybrid cars, on the other hand, do not significantly reduce fuel consumption in cars equipped with this type of engine.

The manufacturer’s spokesman also recalls that it is the only car manufacturer whose hybrid models represent 30% of sales.

But if Toyota is still reluctant to offer 100% electric models, sooner or later the manufacturer will have to comply with EU requirements. Especially since it will also put an end to plug-in hybrids.

However, in addition to its bZ4X, the company would work on the development of another electric model, called the bZ3. This would then be designed in collaboration with Chinese giant BYD and would carry a blade-type LFP battery. A future version of the Tesla Model Y could also be equipped with it.

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