The Dyson Sphere program is now available with PC Game Pass!


  • Build a galaxy-scale factory from scratch and bring the amazing Dyson Sphere to life
  • Sandbox mode, Milky Way, DIY features… Follow your heart’s desires
  • Watch out for the battle system we plan to release in 2023

All Dyson Sphere Program the team is so happy about it Dyson Sphere Program is now available with PC Game Pass! This is the real new place to start – from felling trees to mining, you can build a galaxy-wide industrial empire and create your very own Dyson Sphere!

Seriously, what is a Dyson Sphere?

The game was inspired by an idea for a giant cosmic structure proposed by physicist Freeman Dyson in the 1960s: imagine harnessing the enormous energy of a star using a sphere that wraps around it, creating enough power to power entire civilizations . Although the idea of ​​the Dyson Sphere is considered hypothetical and impossible to realize, a five-member indie game company, Youthcat Studio, has reimagined it for the virtual world.

With elements of adventure, exploration and factory automation, Dyson Sphere Program offers unique gaming experiences for sci-fi, space travel, management and all other types of players.


OK, so why do we need a Dyson sphere here in the game?

If this is your first time Dyson Sphere Program, let me introduce you to what is happening in the universe: in the distant future, the survival of an advanced human civilization will depend entirely on virtual computing, but the supercomputer responsible for their existence – the “CentreBrain” – is out able to handle the demands placed on it due to lack of electricity. As a space engineer, you control a light industrial Mecha named Icarus and build a Dyson Sphere to save the CenterBrain and the civilization that depends on it. From humble beginnings, you will cut down trees, mine, build small factories, establish production lines, plan interstellar logistics, build an industrial empire that spans the galaxy, and finally build your very own Sphere Dyson.

I’m an experienced player, what can I expect?

You can try new modes from our latest patch if you are new to it Dyson Sphere Program. Along with the classic factory automation management mode, we’ve also added a minimum resource mode for extra challenge and a sandbox mode to let you experience the final stages of the game quickly and freely. You can also step back and admire the galaxy lit up by global players in the Milky Way and find your own flickering light in the cosmos.


That Dyson Sphere ProgramThe DIY systems from are essential if you like creative work. One of them is the Dyson Sphere design system. You will see it when you are very close to the ultimate destination in the game. Unlike its namesake, your Dyson Sphere doesn’t just have to be a round sphere, you can build it into any shape you want:

personal surroundings
spherical face

Another DIY system available now is Mecha Customization. This system allows you to unleash your inner fashionista and customize your Mecha however you want, the only question is, what colors and shapes are you feeling today?

technology failure

What to expect in future updates?

From now on, Dyson Sphere Program is continuously updated with new features and changes, and we will continue to do so. But Dyson Sphere Program won’t stop there: the battle system is set to launch in 2023 and take the game in a completely new direction from its current form. Players will face a hostile force capable of rapidly expanding across the universe at terrifying speeds: the Black Mist. In addition to maintaining the CenterBrain, players must also build defenses and arm the Icarus Mecha against enemy attacks. We are eagerly awaiting the release of this update, which our entire team is working hard on.


There is so much more Dyson Sphere Program is waiting for you and we can’t wait to see you join our team of Dyson Sphere engineers! For more tips or to meet like-minded players, feel free to join our Discord community and start exploring the universe.

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