SNJT calls on Saed to intervene

The National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT) sent a letter to the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed, on Friday, October 14, 2022, urging him to intervene to suspend the court showdown between Shems FM and Dar Assabah.

The union called on the head of state to immediately intervene to suspend the judicial resolution of the cases of Shems FM and Dar Assabah, which he says is hasty and reveals a weakness in handling a crisis that has been “made”. ” We had proposed alternative solutions that could save our country from an unprecedented social crisis. We encourage you to start a serious dialogue on all issues in the media sector, led by the government presidency together with stakeholders and the Ministry of Social Affairs added SNJT.

Finally, he stressed that all parties concerned must work together to achieve a successful dialogue aimed at avoiding the most serious social crisis in the country for the media sector, which for the first time will lead to the closure of seven media institutions.

It should be recalled that the National Commission for the Management of Assets and Property Subject to Confiscation or Recovery in favor of the State has decided to subject “Dar Assabah” and the radio station Shems Fm to a judicial settlement. The decision was sent to the Presidency of the Government for validation. Neither the Presidency of the Republic, the Presidency of the Government nor the Ministry of Finance responded to SNJT’s requests for meetings.

In a statement given to Shems Fm on October 5, 2022, Amira Mohamed, vice president of the union, indicated that the SNJT requested an urgent meeting with the President of the Republic Kaïs Saïed and the Head of Government Najla Bouden. The General Secretary of the General Federation of Media, Mohamed Saïdi, confirmed at the microphone of the same media that the trade unionists were ready for the confrontation and that this could mean boycotting the parliamentary elections.

During a press conference held on the same date at SNJT’s premises, Amira Mohamed believed that the government was shirking its responsibility. According to her, the executive power and Al Karama Holding are responsible for the worsening of the situation of these companies. Al Karama Holding had been tasked with appointing judicial administrators to head them and oversee the management of the establishments. ” The report prepared by the control body of the Ministry of Finance reveals the existence of excesses with regard to the sale of Shems Fm… Why were the perpetrators of these excesses not prosecuted? The head of government who made this decision, Hichem Mechichiis in Qatar… The legal settlement may include a rescue program, except that the authorities have decided not to do so and not to allocate funds that allow this… State institutions are putting pressure on Shems FM, Assabah and La Presse (…) National Broadcasting Office and CNSS are the first to do so… There is no political will to preserve businesses, jobs and the diversity of the landscape… We try to keep the media quiet “, she added.

Speaking afterwards, the Secretary General of the General Federation of Media, Mohamed Saïdi, underlined the danger of the situation. He deplored the attitude of the Minister of Communication Technology, Nizar Ben Néji, saying that the latter blocked the establishment of a platform dedicated to advertising and able to guarantee significant income for the media. He argued that the power in place had adopted a policy that seeks to undermine the media and stop diversity within this sector. He believed that the public establishments canceled the subscriptions voluntarily and without reason. ” A deviation can be noticed since July 25… There are solutions… We ask to be listened to… There are more than 600 people concerned… We want to preserve jobs “, he said.


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