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The trail of shadows, is the name of the miniseries written by Daniel José Older, one of the architects behind the saga of the High Republic. This 5-issue plot connects waves 2 and 3 of releases from the first phase, and is intended as much as a supplement as an exercise in style, that of the noir novel applied to the saga. Successful bet? This is what I suggest you discover in the review below, after a brief reminder of the cover, synopsis and editorial information that goes well:


One Jedi Master has been killed and another is completely traumatized. The Jedi Order has never faced such a shock. There is no lead, no suspect and no motive. The fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance, and Emerick Capthor is in charge of the investigation. He will have to rely on Sian Holt (a private detective accustomed to darkness) to explore the darkest corners of the High Republic. Will they be able to work together? Marvel continues to expand the High Republic universe, depicting the Star Wars galaxy hundreds of years before the events of the films, when the Jedi were at the height of their power. This police investigation is a complete and fascinating story!

Contains: The High Republic – Trail of Shadows #01 to 05, 120 pages, 100% STAR WARS, €18

The review of L2-D2

“Shrii Ka Rai Ka Rai

We’re coming to take you away

They will do what they can

And they will do what they have to

Dust you become,

When they come after you!”

A miniseries that fits perfectly…

This miniseries is a real treat for lovers of High Republic continuity. The investigation of our dynamic duo will actually begin after the events of The storm roars and the death of Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm… to fit in with regular series events The High Republic and ending the novel’s catastrophic event The fall of the starwhile revealing the fate of two characters from the other mainstream comics, The High Republic – The Adventures (also signed Daniel José Older, well). The antagonist of this arc appeared in the novels Light of the Jedi and out of the shadows… And that’s not counting the few more or less discreet allusions to past events that will probably take place during Phase II, which has just started in the US!

This mini-series is therefore a festival with links between the works, something to look forward to for the completist! But…

but who struggles to tell his own story

Yes, but here it is. By wanting to integrate, wanting to reference, wanting to show that if, if, what happens in there counts, Daniel José Older (again?) will miss the boat. At his starting postulate, first: Jedi Master Emerick Caphtor finds himself enlisting the help of Sian Holt, a private who can work for the Republic, to solve the death of Loden Greatstorm. A brilliant idea, a priori, right?

Except that we very quickly suspect that Master Caphtor will learn nothing at all in this intrigue. It will be understood that the creative team will develop Sans-Noms during Phase II and the investigation is therefore doomed to failure. And that’s a shame. It’s all the more unfortunate that the excellent nursery rhyme that the characters keep repeating to each other and sprinkled throughout the miniseries – and which should have appeared earlier in the cycle, it would have been perfect – is repeated on a loop. without arousing too much suspicion. Or hardly, indeed, as the screenwriter, proud of his find but no doubt aware that he can’t reveal too much, will do anything to justify his origins remaining in the shadows. And older, in the style of his series The High Republic – The Adventureswill abuse thought bubbles and mirror constructs, it almost looks like Jeph Loeb, eh.

And that’s kind of the crux of the problem. Emerick Caphtor and Sian Holt are supposed to be top names, the best in their field. One scene in particular will allow us to prove it… but that’s all. Because they learn nothing, or very little, in weeks, months of investigation! This duration is another problem because the ellipses take place without us realizing it, establishing the air of nothing, but without admitting it too much, not even another romantic relationship at this point involving a Jedi. ..

Finally, and no matter how innovative the idea of ​​a police investigation is within the license, you will find all the clichés of film noir: the woman who wants to avenge the death of her partner, a bar where people play the piano, at night, spin windmills, etc. Nothing honestly original in the treatment of the investigation, and it is not the motivation of the antagonists that will raise the level, the “big muscle” of the villains has an unfortunate tendency to slip by itself, just to ensure that the mini will last a good 5 episodes . As for the “mastermind”, his motivations are curious to say the least when confronted by our heroes arguing for a mission that seems to be at complete odds with Marchion Ro’s plans in the novel. The fall of the star… and it is not the first time that Daniel José Older seems to disagree with what Claudia Gray writes, Nihils of the young adult novel burial horizon nor seem to respect the Eye’s orders. Curious…

A perfect visual

David Watcher is new to the license. Panini’s editors present it to us in honorable terms … but to say that it did not particularly convince me is an understatement. The characters are a little too massive, a little too distinctive, a little too packed, a little too everything, in fact. But the sets are well done and we feel a certain increase in power as the numbers go, and as such the events at the Flambeau Stellaire are particularly well transcribed, once again on the sets, or the involvement of Bouquet-de-Sang e.g.

However, the designer fails to make the threat of the Nameless scary, which is a shame for a story based on an investigation about them! Good choice though for the visual implementation of the nursery rhyme at the bottom of the plot.


An exciting mini-series in many aspects, but which struggles to detach itself from its many references in order to build a real identity. If the original idea is attractive, we understand very quickly, too quickly, that it is not in this title that the invoked mysteries will be solved. And therefore it is difficult to be fully satisfied with the reading of a thriller where the investigators are almost empty!

Note : 65%

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The first phase of La Haute République in Panini is almost over, there is only one final volume left in the series The High Republic – The Adventuresagain by Daniel José Older, scheduled for mid-November.

And we’ll see you soon for the next literary publication! 😉

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