Renovate, optimize a room, but also decorate or renew it.

Hi Claire Daurat, you are an interior designer and decorator in Paris. You are completely converted, I think?

Yes it’s true. I have worked in the women’s press, cinema, estate agents and events, but since my youth I have always been sensitive to interiors, houses and atmospheres. When I was young, I had the chance to visit incredible houses (of friends) which influenced me a lot. I realized that when I started working out.

You work in Paris, what are the specific problems of your clients?

In Paris, many problems are common, such as optimizing space for small and medium-sized surfaces with the creation of custom-made furniture, restructuring spaces: the price per square meter is expensive, and being able to save space is paramount. But also renovation with construction site monitoring: Parisians don’t have time and want to avoid the stress associated with work. It can also be a simple Home-Staging to facilitate the sale or rental of apartments.

Did you perceive different desires from your customers after the confinement?

During imprisonment, people had time to observe their home, its shortcomings, and to better understand their deep desires. Their common points: want better and more durable materials, more unique interiors that correspond to them. They also wanted more sweetness and greens! The idea of ​​bringing outdoor elements inside always appealed to me. I don’t like things to stay in silos.

We can dare without giving up functionality.

Do you often encounter the same problems?

Yes, but even though they are common, the shape makes them a specific project. You know, with globalization, and the uniformity of brands, everyone can easily find themselves in the same living room or the same kitchen as their neighbor… The little bouquet of flowers that has been Instagrammed 10,000 times and at the same time becomes “The One” things to have at home that bore me… I do this job to surprise my client and offer him things he wouldn’t have found on his own, but which he clearly likes (laughs)! Sometimes all it takes is a little twist to give an interior its full personality. This is also one of the reasons to call in a professional.

How would you define your style?

First of all, you must remember that I work for a customer and that listening to their needs and wishes is a priority. My style when it comes to decorating is eclectic: I love mixing styles and eras. For me, a completely 70s interior is a shame, I have the impression that the effect is nullified. With the mixes, the furniture stands out better and gains strength and character. One thing not to forget is harmony, of course, and that’s the whole challenge!

I also like to use color, I like green in all its variations, burgundy… I like all colors, it all depends on how they are treated and combined.

Do you have reference models or designers?

Many people, things and places inspire me. I really appreciate the current work of architects Fabrizio Casiraghi and Pierre Yovanovitch, but also the style of Madeleine Castaing for its integration of colors and patterns, and Josef Hoffmann for its modernity and minimalism. For the furniture, I like the roundness of Gae Aulenti’s furniture, but also those of Jean Royère. What fascinates me above all is hunting for original pieces that have a soul.

From what I’ve read, are you also a Visual Merchandiser?

Yes, it is a profession we practice for brands, stores. The goal is aesthetic, but also financial. Depending on the scenography, the turnover can fluctuate very significantly, it is quite surprising. Presentation techniques vary depending on the type of brand (luxury or mainstream). Hermès, for example, has a diametrically opposed vision regarding Visual Merchandising to H&M (laughs).

This specialization allows me to work more specifically for shops and restaurants. Working around a theme, an atmosphere, a concept is also very interesting. You must tell a story to the customer so that he is immersed in a unique visual experience.

We increasingly need stories, also at home, to relax a little.

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