How ESC Clermont Business School intends to become a “benchmark” in France and abroad

Development at national and international level, new accreditations, strengthening of the economic model, expansion of premises, well-being, citizenship, sustainable development… So many challenges that ESC Clermont Business School intends to face in the next five years thanks to a plan strategy presented by CEO Richard Soparnot.

In what frame of mind are you approaching this first term as CEO? “Succeeding Françoise Roudier is a change in continuity. I intend to continue the dynamic that it has given impulses. The “Reveal 2022-2027″ plan that we have drawn up together is part of this perspective: to pursue the school’s development and establish new ambitions in light of environmental and societal challenges by utilizing the school’s DNA (human dimension, territorial anchoring, global influence, etc.). It is an exciting challenge that I look forward to tackling.”

Clermont-Ferrand Business School sees its future in a big way

What is the philosophy behind this “Reveal 2022-2027” plan? “Our great ambition is to be the school that reveals the talents and passions of a new generation of change agents who place people and the planet at the heart of their choices. Our school educates professionals in the service of companies, but also citizens who will act tomorrow the economic, ecological, social and societal level.

“In ten years, we want to be recognized as a reference, the school whose achievements are the most remarkable and exemplary in the service of a better world. »

Richard Soparnot (Director General of ESC Clermont Business School)

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How to achieve these goals? “By 2027, we must respond to four challenges: increase the attractiveness at national and international level, strengthen the sustainability of the school to preserve its economic model and continue to invest, improve the quality of education and service provided to all who come into contact with ESC and develop added value for students and stakeholders by acting responsibly. »

premium Richard Soparnot succeeds Françoise Roudier as CEO of ESC Clermont Business School

More specifically? “The ESC wants to develop: in Clermont-Ferrand with the expansion of the Trudaine campus, in France with the creation of two new campuses whose locations are still to be defined, and abroad, in Morocco by September 2023. with its own campus and in China in 2024 thanks to a partnership with a university in Beijing. We also want to create new specialized courses by launching three double degrees, one per year, with French partners. »

“Within five years, we aim for 2,400 students enrolled in basic education with a degree of graduates who have reached their goal of 95%, a well-being index of 95% as well and a turnover of 23.7 million euros. »

Richard Soparnot (Director General of ESC Clermont Business School)

Do you need to hire to cope with this development? “We have already created a new organization in accordance with our strategic plan. Four new departments have been created for CSR, development projects in France, educational innovation, but also programs and students to strengthen the monitoring of our registrants through their experience at ESC. We also have a plan to recruit around fifteen new associate researchers at a rate of three to four per year for five years, which will increase our workforce from 48 to 65.”

Challenge met for Françoise Roudier

The former director Françoise Roudier, who is now responsible for the mission of the general management of the ESC, prepared a quick assessment of her action: “After almost disappearing, the school has started a new push since 2015. Between 2016-2017 and 2021 -2022 the number of students increased from 783 to 1,800 (1,900 by the start of the academic year 2022), even beyond our forecasts. We have expanded our portfolio of programs and developed an accreditation policy that contributes to strengthening ESC’s attractiveness. Training revenue has tripled and is increased from 5.7 to 17.4 million euros and we have returned to a virtuous economic model where 92.5% of our revenue comes from training.All this is reflected in the French and international rankings of the Grandes Ecoles where we has made progress every year for the last three years”.

Maud Turcan

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