Blip blip blop, from R2-D2 to BB-8, we’ve ranked Star Wars droids from funniest to most stylish

#32. GNK Droid

Nicknamed the “Star Wars trash cans,” the GNKs are actually generators that provide energy. They are ugly and act as a punching bag for the Jedi Jedi Knight 2. Placing them anywhere other than last would have been disrespectful to their status as the most useless droid in the galaxy.

#31. training droid

A hovering orb that fires lasers so you can perfect your lightsaber skills, that’s what the training droid can offer. Except there aren’t many Jedi anymore so these droids are becoming completely obsolete. At least they’re not ugly and you can play handball with them.

#30. TT-8L (guardian droid)

First appeared in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi The TT-8L is an eyepiece with an arm placed on a stand. This droid exists only to verify the identity of visitors and can do absolutely nothing else. It is therefore normal to flirt with the depth of the ranking, far from the overpowered battle droids.

These small orbs are able to deploy and attach to ships and then, as the name suggests, sabotage them, making them somewhat dangerous. We see them for the first time in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sithand it’s R2-D2 stuffing himself with these droids that we’ll try to forget after reading this episode.

#28. D-0

Yes, it’s a hair dryer on a wheel. Strangely, this droid is apparently good at understanding human emotions, allowing him to be a moral support to intelligent species. IN Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, D-0 befriends BB-8, then nothing. It will be remembered as a bathroom accessory and nothing more.

#27. RA-7 droid (including AP-5)

These insect-faced droids make their first appearance on the Jawa ship in episode 4. Although not much is known about them, AP-5 from star wars rebels makes us discover more about this model by betraying the empire and joining the rebellion. For this bravery, it ranks 27th.

#26. Scorpenek Annihilator Droid

Here is a nice piece. More like a large military vehicle from a pro-American sci-fi movie starring Will Smith than an actual droid Star wars, Scorpenek Annihilator deserves nothing better than the bottom of the rankings. But since he also looks like a steroid version of a Droideka, we won’t put him last. Consider yourself lucky to be here Scorpenek Annihilator.

#25. IT-O interrogation droids

A football made only to torture people, that’s a yes. Alas, IT-O serves no other purpose and this life of suffering in the name of the Sith Empire can only lead this droid to a poor retirement and a very unstable state of sanity.

#24. Viper Probe Droid

No weapons and no fighting skills for this aquarius observed for the first time in The Empire strikes back. The Viper Probe, in charge of probing and tracking down his targets, is really just a scale that sniffs everywhere to find poor rebels before telling everything to his little Sith Lord. And me personally the scales it makes me sick.

#23. EV-9D9

A professional supervisor, EV-9D9 is a corrupt bureaucrat who feels nothing but contempt for his fellow humans. IN Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi he’s the one who sends R2-D2 and C-3PO to work without a contract or social security in Jabba’s palace. Plus he’s crazy, bro, you don’t even have a chin.

#22. tactical droid

It’s the amazing cartoon Clone Wars which highlights tactical droids. Members of the Separatists, their true value is handling battles against the Republic without the need to call upon biological beings. IN Star Wars: The Bad Batch, it is explained that they are programmed to adapt and learn from each battle experienced. Despite the small importance they have in the overall work, their dangerousness must be respected.

#21. BX series command droid

BXs operate in squads and are tasked with infiltrating enemy forces. While their simplified B1 versions are mere cannon fodder, the BXs are more trained and pose a real challenge to Republic clones. Nothing to add here, because they lack humor to that extent.

#20. AZI-3

seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, AZI-3 is on a mission to cure the clones on Kamino. His role, though minor, still ticks off fans, but only in the “too cute droid” category. And I need more to climb the rankings, so it’s 20th.

#19. Pit droids (including WAC-47)

Those, they are golri in real life. Pit droids, used only for comic relief, are very poor mechanical droids. You can see their skill in The Phantom Menaceespecially during the podracers’ race scene.

#18. MSE-6 series repair droid

If you have played a lot of video games Star wars, then you know the noise those mouse droids make. They certainly have no weapons, but their real strength is being able to repair anything in the Empire’s ships. Without them, no clean corridors in Star Destroyers. Without them, no stable empire. No eggs, no cakes.

Only present in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Huyang is a true icon of the droid game. He is responsible for teaching young Jedi how to make their lightsabers, and he has fulfilled his mission for over 1,000 years. He even taught Yoda, so clearly the guy has weight.

#16. R4-P17

R4-P17 is to Obi-Wan Kenobi what R2-D2 is to Anakin Skywalker. R4 has long followed the Jedi Master in his various missions and has thus become a safe guy. Alas, he loses his life at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith, boned by a sabotage droid. RIP little angel.

#15. BB-8

When I think of BB-8, I think of the worst trilogy Star wars. Disney completely spat on the license and unfortunately this football that was created to sell toys couldn’t live up to the very undercooked dish that is the three movies. While he remains an endearing droid, BB-8 represents the failed sequel so much that it can’t be ranked higher.

#14. 2-1B

medical droid, he appears in The Empire strikes back. He is the one who treats Luke Skywalker’s hand and installs a beautiful bionic mime that allows him to face his daron in a rematch. From there to conclude that it is thanks to 2-1B that the Empire fell, there is only one step I cross cheerfully.

It’s a B1 droid that makes cookies, what more could you want?

#12. C1-10P “Chopper”

About star wars rebels is a good cartoon, thanks in part to this C1 series astromech droid, a member of Ghost. Loyal, protective and devilishly useful, Chopper manages to become R2-D2 Star Wars Rebels. A true achievement in the world of droids.

#11. B2 Super Battle Droids

With its reinforced armor, its armed arm and its red eye, B2 is one of the droids with a mouth. During the Clone Wars, the B2 Super Battle Droid poses a real threat to Republic and Jedi units, sometimes giving the Separatists the edge in some battles. B2 is a must have in your ranks if you want to invade the galaxy.

#10. B1 battle droids

Battle of Naboo in The Phantom Menace revealed them, the series Clone Wars was responsible for making them go down in history. Simple cannon fodder destined only to be cut in half by lightsabers, B1s are equipped with a subtle sense of humor and very weak survival instincts. Without them, Prelogy would not have had the same taste.

#9. L3-37

Present in Solo: A Star Wars Story, this protocol droid that accompanies Lando Calrissian stands out for its individuality and strong character. Her real strength is her intelligence, which leads her to become an activist freeing the droids from the yoke of their masters. If the Han Solo spin-off is a good film, it is partly thanks to L3-37, which fully deserves its place in the top 10.

#8. B2EMO

With its small wheels and binocular strabismus, B2EMO is my favorite. A Wall-E version even cheaper than the Pixar model, sad and somewhat depressed, struggling to complete the smallest task to serve Cassian Andor and his mother. He was only there for three episodes Andorbut it will have been enough to touch my heart.

#7. GI-11

Shoots everything that moves in the first season of the mandalorian, IG-11 is first a bounty hunter droid before becoming Grogus’ babysitter. And this double hat charms me. A droid that knows how to aim and how to take care of Baby Yoda is like Herta 4 slice ham with rind, that’s top quality.

#6. Magna Guard IG-100

No retaliation, no decision making skills, but skills to take down a Jedi in a duel, that’s what an IG-100 model is. Bodyguard of General Grievous, the IG-100 is definitely the best infantry unit, far superior to the B2. And then look at this design: a cape, a hood and an electrostick, it’s straight from 10/10.

#5. BD-1

Here begins the ranking of the elites, the best droids in the universe Star wars. We open the ball with BD-1, the little two-legged assistant Cal Kestis operates in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Accompanying the novice Jedi, the BD-1 is an essential companion, as endearing as it is useful with its ability to map the planets. A real success, which we hope to find in Fallen order 2.

#4. K-2SO (Rogue One)

If stand-up existed among droids, K-2SO would surely fill every room in France. In the dark and harsh film Star Wars: Rogue One, K-2SO is the humorous and sarcastic touch that is crucial for the good development of Cassian Andor’s adventure. Endowed with great independence, he nevertheless hesitates to sacrifice himself for the Rebel cause, allowing the Rogue One mission to restore the Death Star’s plans. Where the top three in the rankings needed screen time to stand out, K-2SO needed only one film to reach the top.

#3. Droideka

First seen in The Phantom Menace, Droideka was immediately unanimous for its cool and dangerous aspects. The backbone of the Separatist army, Droideka is the only droid model that forces two Jedi Knights to flee and sends it straight to the third step of the podium. A droid so complete in attack and defense deserves its own bike lane in the streets of Paris. I’ll call Hidalgo right away.

#2. C-3PO

So yes he is unbearable, yes he is slow and soft, yes he is scared, yes he has no arsenal that gives him the ability to destroy armies. But C-3PO can speak more than 6 million languages. C-3PO survived all the events of Republic and Empire up to Episode IX without being injured, destroyed or killed himself. And above all, C-3PO is the only droid to be raised to the rank of god by a species of too cute kids (but who swept the Empire’s forces with rocks). Respect to him.

#1. R2-D2

Of course he is first. Who but him could sit on the Metal Throne and wear the crown of the best droid in Star wars ? Present since the first film and accompanied by the Skywalker family, R2-D2 throughout the saga shows courage, determination, heroism, but also humor and sarcasm. He knows how to fight, disarm, sabotage, infiltrate, pilot, repair. Its sound effects are legendary and its design inscribed in marble. If ever there was a droid spin-off, it would have to be R2-D2.

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