A CISSS and a CIUSSS, lost in space

The story that I am about to tell you, the story of Léa Rose, is both the best and the worst in the health care system.

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The little one is 4 years old. She suffers from a rare syndrome. To live, she has a tracheotomy and a gastrostomy.

Tracheotomy: a device that helps him breathe. Gastrostomy: a device connected to a machine that feeds it.

Six nights a week, for more than three years, a specially trained auxiliary nurse, Léa Rose, watches. It allows his parents to sleep and be fresh and ready for work the next day.

The auxiliary nurse therefore watches over Léa Rose and the machines that help the little one to live. She is trained to handle these machines. Pardon the technical jargon, but the lady detects accidental decannulations before the pulse oximeter even reacts…

The family adores the auxiliary nurse, a kind-hearted woman. A bond was created between her, the child and its parents.

The best of the Quebec health system is summed up in the lines you just read: The state pays an auxiliary nurse to care for Léa Rose, allowing her parents to be assets to society and not just caregivers for their daughter.

I would add: Furthermore, the auxiliary nurse is a woman of heart for whom this job is more than a job.

But it is from here that the worst of the health system will show.

Léa Rose’s parents, Joannie Dupré-Roussel and Charles-André Villemaire, have decided to move. They left the Montreal neighborhood of Ahuntsic to settle in Chomedey, Laval, on October 7.

The idea of ​​moving was a small source of anxiety for Léa Rose’s parents because they feared losing the services of the angel who cares for their daughter.

But the practical nurse reassured them: “It will make me happy to continue taking care of Léa Rose in Laval. »

For the auxiliary nurse, it was not a big obstacle, the distance between the two houses was exactly 8.6 kilometers.

However, it is a huge obstacle for the health system.

Laval and Montreal are in the same time zone, separated only by a river, and Lea Rose’s parents’ Laval home is exactly 19 minutes from their former home in Montreal…

But for the CISSSs approaching these territories, moving a nurse 8.6 kilometers is a challenge similar to sending a fax to a planet millions of kilometers from Earth.

The family notified CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal on June 7 that they intended to move around the end of September to prepare for the coordination of services with CISSS de Laval. At the beginning of October, NOTHING had yet been decided for the auxiliary nurse.

The licensed practical nurse is a public employee: she has a permanent position at the CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal. But to do the same job with a Léa Rose in CISSS de Laval, you have to be… contractual in a private issuing agency.

I told you the nurse was a gem, didn’t I?

She is: she nevertheless submitted her application to one of the agencies serving CISSS de Laval!

However, she was horrified when she saw the salary offered by the private agency, significantly lower than her hourly rate as a permanent employee of the CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal… We won’t even talk about social benefits, no- existing.

The nurse first turned down the job offer from the private agency … before accepting it! She has indeed agreed to follow the family of Léa Rose in 450 while she waits for the paperwork to be completed.

She therefore took a leave of absence from CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal and agreed to work at night for a lower salary for a private agency dealing with CISSS de Laval. Not to let Léa Rose and her parents down…

Same employer, same salary funded by the same taxpayers to help the same family move 8.6 kilometers further north: Quebec health system can’t handle this, mission impossible, ERROR 404, Houston we have a problem

And the practical nurse was recently told by the private agency that pays her less to do exactly the same work with Léa Rose: We should consider incorporating you, Moreover

Incorporate, set up as a business, yes. Because beyond 40 hours a week, from a tax point of view, it seems to get more complex and you have to create a business…

There, the angel watching over Léa Rose said to the parents: sorry, it’s made too complicated, I take it up.

And so it was that Léa Rose did not have her nurse to watch over her on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. Léa Rose’s father did.

I point out here that Joannie Dupré-Roussel gave a cry from the heart on Instagram on Monday, October 10, about the bureaucratic black hole in which she struggled. In this status, she called CISSS de Laval. Someone also challenged me: that’s how I found out about Léa Rose’s story.

As of Tuesday morning, I contacted CISSS de Laval for details. Early Tuesday evening, CISSS contacted me to tell me that the situation would be resolved, that CISSS had found a solution: we will send you a written statement…

I quote the statement: “In exceptional circumstances, CISSS de Laval hired the nurse who took care of the child. It begins today, October 11, 2022. Parents have been informed of the situation…”

On Wednesday during the day, CISSS de Laval’s Instagram account even wrote on Joannie that the situation had been resolved: “The care assistant who took care of the little girl is staying with her…”

Little problem: it didn’t go to the nurse, who still didn’t know anything about his status on Wednesday. That day she decided that it was too much, that she could no longer continue to earn less in Laval in the private sector for the same work as in Ahuntsic in the public sector, while incorporating…

Hence the break in service, the night between Wednesday and Thursday.

There I am sending smoke signals to Christian Dubé: your mammoth is even sicker than you thought, Minister.

Why all these absurd bureaucratic detours to move a care assistant from a house in Ahuntsic to a house in Laval, to take care of the same child?

Why three months of nonsense between two CISSS for something… simple?

Why would the mother publish her problems on Instagram and why did she do it The press call CISSS de Laval so that things can finally move a little… Before you get stuck in the quicksand of the little cabins again?

Why this nonsense of being hired by a private agency to do the SAME JOB?

I spoke to Joannie again yesterday afternoon:

– Worse, tonight, what will happen to the little one?

– No idea.

Prediction: this column will very soon reveal the angel watching over Léa Rose in Laval. Because if the system adapts well to lavish bad services in the half-light silence, it ends up swarming when you shine a light on its stupidity.

I get no satisfaction from it, on the contrary: a health system that is unable to find the little box that allows a nurse to move 8.6 kilometers without fluff is not a sick system, it is a terminal system .

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