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In addition to paper novels, we are now also familiar with e-books. But what about the imaginary in sound?

With Lizzie, we invite you to (re)discover 10 essential tracks to listen to.

Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin

Fantasy classic, rediscover in sound the ocean of the earth by Ursula K. Le Guin. A true apprentice novel, follow the fate of the young Goat.

There are dragons here. There are enchanters, a huge sea and islands. Ged, a simple goat herder on the island of Gont, has the gift. He will, at the end of a long initiation, by going through a series of formidable trials, become Terremer’s greatest wizard, the Archmage.

uprooted by Naomi Novik

Winner of the Locus Award 2016 and the Nebula Award 2015, uprooted by Naomi Novik will take you on many adventures with Agnieszka, a strong, gentle but also stubborn heroine.

Patient and fearless, Agnieszka always manages to fetch the most coveted berries from the forest, but everyone in Dvernik knows that it is impossible to compete with Kasia. Intelligent and full of grace, her friend shines with unparalleled brilliance. Unfortunately, perfection can be used as a bargaining chip in this valley threatened by corruption.

Because if the villagers stay in the region, it is only thanks to the “Powers of the Dragon”. Day after day, this sorcerer protects the valley from the onslaught of the forest, a dark place where evil creatures and evil forces roam. In return, every ten years the magician chooses a young woman of seventeen to accompany him in his tower to serve him.

Selection time is approaching and everyone has prepared for the departure of the rare gem.

But when the dragon visits them, nothing goes as planned…

Dunes by Frank Herbert

Essential to science fiction, the cycle of Dunes by Frank Herbert returned to the front of the stage with the film adaptation by Denis Villeneuve.
And why not discover the secrets of the spice in sound?

There is no planet in the entire Empire more inhospitable than Dune. Everywhere there is sand as far as the eye can see. A single wealth: the spice of long life, born of the desert and desired by the whole universe. When Leto Atreides receives Dune in fief, he smells the trap. He needs the Fremen warriors, who, after seeking refuge in the depths of the desert, have adapted to a very harsh life, while maintaining their freedom, their customs and their faith. They dream of the prophet who will proclaim holy war and change the course of history. However, the Venerable Mothers of the Bene Gesserit continue their millennial program of genetic selection: they want to create a man who will bring together all the latent gifts of the species. Has the Fremen Messiah already been born in the Empire?

This title contains the first book, Dunes and the second book, Muad’Dib.

Star Wars – Light of the Jedi

Created by Charles Soules, Light of the Jedi is the first novel to launch the major cross-media project Star Wars: The High Republic.






This is a golden age for the galaxy. Terrified hyperspace prospectors stretch the borders of the Republic to the farthest stars, worlds flourish under the benevolent guidance of the Senate, and peace reigns, preserved by the wisdom and power of an order of knights known as the Jedi. But even the brightest glow can cast a shadow.

When a catastrophic event disrupts a starship in the heart of hyperspace, the resulting rain of debris endangers an entire star system. The Jedi immediately go to the scene, but the scale of the disaster pushes the brave knights to their limits.

Even as a titanic battle to save millions of lives begins, a threat grows in the darkness capable of striking fear into the hearts of the Jedi.

Star Wars – Master Storm

fans of Star wars Or are you just looking for adventure? Experience Master Storm by Cavan Scott, a new Lizzie audiobook set in the cycle Star Wars – The High Republic.

Nihil sweeps through the galaxy like a cyclone, creating chaos and destruction in their wake. Few of these raiders are as vicious as Storm Master Lourna Dee. She is always one step ahead of the Jedi Order, but no one can escape the defenders of the High Republic forever.

Lourna falls into the hands of the Jedi and nevertheless manages to hide her identity, posing as a Nihil prisoner. His captors do not know what animal they managed to corner. Like all the crazy people she’s ever buried, their first mistake was saving her life.

Their last mistake, Lourna decides, will be to have underestimated her.

The Night of Times by René Barjavel

In the frozen steppes of Antarctica, the myth of legendary lovers, revisited by Barjavel. A great literary classic, always at the top of the list of favorite novels of the French.

In the great white silence of Antarctica, the members of a French polar expedition mission are busy taking ice cores. The thickness of the pack ice reaches more than 1,000 meters, with the deepest layers dating back 900,000 years…

This is where the incredible happens: the audio devices detect a signal coming from the ground surface. There is a transmitter under the ice. The news explodes like a bomb, and newspapers around the world compete with headlines: “A city under the ice”, “A heart under the ice”, etc. What will the scientists and engineers drilling the ice from all over the world to encounter the mystery discover?

Reportage, epic and song of passionate love, The Night of Time by René Barjavel is all these things at the same time.

The Grim Reaper by Neal Shusterman

A bit of dystopia? Immerse yourself in the cycle of Lawnmower by Neal Shusterman!
Who from Citra or Rowan will be one of the last messengers?

Pray she doesn’t come after you!

The Reaper’s Commandment:

You want to kill.

You will kill without bias, without prejudice and without premeditation.

You will grant a year’s immunity to the family of those who accepted your coming.

You will kill the family of those who resisted you.

The Reaper’s Commandment: You must kill. You will kill without bias, without prejudice and without premeditation. You will grant a year’s immunity to the family of those who accepted your coming. You will kill the family of those who resisted you. “Middle America, mid-3rd millennium.

In a world where the disease has been eradicated, you can hardly die except by being randomly killed (“picked up”) by a professional reaper. Citra and Rowan are two teenagers who have been selected to become apprentice Reapers; and though they have this calling in horror, they will have to learn the art of killing and understand why this mission is truly a necessity. But only one of the two teenagers will be chosen as a full apprentice, and when it becomes clear that the victor’s first task will be to take the life of the loser, Citra and Rowan find themselves pitted against each other.

The trilogy Lawnmower won the 2018 R Readers’ Prize, the 2019 Teen Stories Prize and the 2020 Grand Prix of the Imaginary.

Vampyria by Victor Dixen

After the fantasy in animalsafter science fiction i Phobos, Cogito and turned off, Victor Dixen wanted to tackle a genre he loves in his own way: gothic horror. Welcome to a somewhat different Grand Siècle with The Vampyria !

You will bloom in Versailles like an exotic flower. The vampires in the palace love anything out of the ordinary. But beware: the Court of Darkness has its codes, its deadly traps, and the slightest misstep is paid in blood…

In the Year of Grace 1715, Roy-Soleil was turned into a vampire to become the Dark King. Since then, he rules as an absolute despot over Vampyria: a vast coalition forever frozen in a dark age, bringing together France and its vassal kingdoms. An iron yoke is imposed on the people, held in terror and literally bleeding to feed the vampiric aristocracy.

Three centuries later, Jeanne is torn from her family by commoners and thrown into the school where they train young nobles before entering the court. Between the intrigues of the undead in the palace, the treachery of the other students, and the abominations that swarm beneath the gold of Versailles, how long will Jeanne survive?

HG Wells’ World War

world Wara science fiction story by HG Wells, is one of the first works of fiction in which we see humanity confronted by a hostile alien race, as well as reflecting the anxieties of the Victorian era and imperialism.
Note that you can also discover this work in series for the small screen.

1894. Astronomers witness strange activity on the surface of Mars, such as lightning or explosions of glowing gas. The astonishing phenomenon is repeated during the ten following nights and then ceases. Meteors from the Red Planet are heading towards Earth soon. The first crashed in England, in Surrey: it was an object in the form of a cylinder of twenty-five to thirty meters. The curious gather around the crater formed by the fall of the projectile, but are quickly killed by a “beam of fire” projected by a giant machine with three enormous legs emerging from the cylinder.

Subsequently, the other cylinders sent from Mars crash, releasing other mechanical devices controlled by tentacles housed within. These racks, armed with their burning beam and a poisonous gas called “black smoke”, head towards London, disintegrating everything in their path. The British Army responds. But the battle quickly turns in the attackers’ favor. The terrified populace flee from this implacable enemy, who sucks the blood of the unfortunate whom he captures and sows everywhere a mysterious red grass which chokes all vegetation. So begins for the narrator an escape into a broken world, where he only crosses people isolated on the edge of madness. Then he realizes that the Martians have suddenly ceased all activity: the Earth microbes, to which they were not immune, have wiped them out.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Finalist of the National Book Award in the USA, discover Station eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, the novel that inspired the HBO series.

In a world where civilization has collapsed after a devastating pandemic, a group of actors and musicians wander between small communities of survivors to perform Shakespeare for them. A repertoire that has come to represent hope and humanity in the middle of the wasteland.

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