“The 24 Olympic Games also provide business opportunities that SMEs must seize” (Pierre-Edouard Berger, Club Marseille Métropole

It was born on the occasion of a sporting event that would place France in the world circuit for the round ball: it was in 1998, when the World Cup kept fans in suspense, that Club Marseille Métropole was born. . At that time, it was – already – a matter of gathering the energies of the local companies to seize the business opportunity linked to this planetary event.

More than twenty years later, we take (almost) the same ones and we start again. The prospect of the 24 Olympics is there and the club will take up its pilgrimage stick to reiterate to small, medium and large businesses in the area that such a sporting event cannot be missed, also in terms of business and market openings. ” The idea is to show the extent of the judgment. And remember that the Olympic Games are also principles, that tenders have been launched, that others will be. There is activity to develop, know-how to make known ”, insists its president, Pierre-Edouard Berger.

The companies in the area are quite well placed in terms of energy, in the digital activities and the creative industries… We may not be able to say it clearly, but it needs to be said and confirmed “.

Mobility, engine braking

Among the companies in the territory, it is especially those from the service sector that seem to be almost naturally able to position themselves in tenders in connection with the 24 Olympic Games. There are also hotels, restaurants, events, communication. The organizers’ intention is precisely that it is not only the large groups that have access to these markets “.

If Pierre-Edouard Berger insists on saying ” that many good things are happening here However, mobility, the real Achilles heel, is the shoe that really hurts and is the main brake that needs to be lifted, and quickly if possible. The president of Club Marseille Métropole acknowledges this, there is consensus on the subject…” This contributes to the fact that economic development is sometimes difficult. Our mobility commission has also made its contribution within the framework of the ZFE (applies in Marseille). There is a general awareness and the means that will arrive »… This is anchored in Plan Marseille en Grand. ” There is mobility between neighbourhoods, but also from one city to another. It is a topic between work pools. Let’s develop already and the connection will follow », Nice Pierre-Edouard Berger.

Bringing supply and demand together… entrepreneurial spirit

Which points to another important point of Marseille en Grand, its entrepreneurial axis, which aims to promote the creation of businesses, especially in difficult neighborhoods. At the question” is there a need for business renewal “, The answer is yes. ” If we can help young people to get closer to the company, to discover this world of entrepreneurship… that is positive. The subject concerns business managers equally, not a single one today does not tell you that he is not confronted with recruitment problems. It is important to bring the company closer to the young people in order to better understand their expectations, how to attract them and retain them in the company. This should make it possible to match supply and demand. There is a demand for employment, it may be necessary to develop the supply capacity “.

Especially since, emphasizes Pierre-Edouard Berger, ” we have a territory to make the world dream “. To bring in talent, all that remains is to offer the basics, the essentials, housing, mobility – proof that the subject is actually complete – land, office properties available. ” The financial world is concerned about these issues. We have everything to succeed “.

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