A trick theft, a burnt-out car, a missing wheel, a siphon tank… Various facts from Nièvre in brief

The tank of a vehicle from the department road center that was parked in the yard was vacuumed last weekend. 70 liters of diesel were stolen.

A stolen car wheel in Saint-Léger-des-Vignes

The right rear wheel of a car was stolen on Monday 10 October. The vehicle had only been parked for a few minutes when its driver found it with a cinder block in place of the wheel.

A pedestrian collapsed in Nevers

A person was knocked down on a pedestrian crossing by a car, on Monday evening, October 10, between the René-Marlin intersection and the roundabout on the Boulevard Maréchal-Juin. The injured victim was taken to the hospital.

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A trick theft in Coulanges-lès-Nevers

Two young girls abused an elderly person’s trust at his home on Monday 10 October by offering to buy pictures and calendars to fund a school trip. Under the pretext of an urgent need, one of the teenagers slipped in the direction of the toilets and stole €200 from a cupboard.

It appears that this theft by fraud has a connection with the facts of which the Notre-Dame de Nevers school center is currently the victim. In a press release, the management states that “none of his trips are financed by the sale of calendars. The young people who are currently circulating in Nevers and in the surrounding municipalities (…) are in no way commissioned by our establishment”.

A motorcycle stolen in Nevers

A motorbike was stolen from the town hall car park on Tuesday evening 11 October. It was parked at 6:30 p.m. and was gone when its owner went to pick it up around midnight.

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A burglar’s residence in Lormes

Electric cables were stolen from a home where the door to an outbuilding had been broken open. The theft was noticed on Sunday, October 9.

A theft of electronic cigarettes in Nevers

A minor was arrested by the police after the theft of four electronic cigarettes from a shop on Boulevard Maréchal-Juin. Theft committed on Wednesday, October 12 and the day before. His mother paid for the stolen items.

A scooter caught fire in Nevers

A scooter was found charred on Wednesday 12 October near the Canoe Club on the Quai de Médine. It had been stolen from its owner.

A burnt vehicle in Pousseaux

A Mercedes vehicle was found burnt out between Sunday 9 October and Monday 10 October. It was devoid of number plates and hood.

A motorcyclist is injured in Cosne-sur-Loire

A motorcyclist was injured in the collision between his two-wheeler and a car, on Tuesday, October 11 at around 16:00 at the intersection of Ponceau and Jean-Jaurès streets. He was taken to hospital.

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