Prime Day 2022 LEGO: You can’t miss the best Amazon deals on these intricate and sought-after sets!

This new Prime Day launched by Amazon has something to please. If it’s all the technology that’s in the spotlight for just under 48 hours, then know that the LEGOs have nothing to be ashamed of, as there are a lot of complex sets that are even hard to find at broken prices.

LEGO takes center stage this Amazon Prime Day

LEGOs now delight both young and old with a wide selection in the licenses offered. We also find a lot of LEGO Star Wars, Harry Potter and even Mario with, recently, one
giant bowser
to build.

During Prime Days 2022, Amazon clearly couldn’t resist the temptation to give us great deals on many complex sets. We especially find the Technic series, but also the Star Wars collection!

But don’t forget: To take advantage of the last Prime Day of the year, you must either be a member of the Amazon Prime program or activate your 30-day free trial. In short, normally you should be able to access exclusive Prime flash offers without paying a dime. Promotions are yours!

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  • LEGO takes center stage this Amazon Prime Day
  • Amazon Prime Day 2022: our selection of complex LEGOs you can’t miss this fall

Amazon Prime Day 2022: our selection of complex LEGOs you can’t miss this fall

LEGO Star Wars: Prime day highlights one of the license’s most coveted sets

This collector’s item measures 14cm high, 44cm long and 32cm wide. So remember to give enough space for it to showcase and showcase it in your interior.

And if you give it to a child, they can even play with the upper and lower turrets, the spring-loaded shooters, or even play out their favorite moments from the Star Wars movies.

This Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon building set includes 7 iconic figures. You will find minifigures Finn, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Lando Calrissian and Boolio as well as LEGO droids R2-D2 and DO. A true Star Wars immersion that will make you relive memorable moments.

Thanks to these, including the installation of a very sharp (but rather capricious) hyperdrive, it becomes the fastest ship in the galaxy with a class 0.5 hyperdrive.

Thanks to its cargo capacity, it can thus quickly reach the most important points in the galaxy in record time.

Buy the Millennium Falcon for €104 at Amazon

Lamborghini Siàn is enjoying a huge promotion for this new Black Friday on Amazon

Prime Day 2022 LEGO: You can't miss the best Amazon deals on these intricate and sought-after sets!

LEGO allows car enthusiasts to build a Lamborghini down to the smallest detail, even the most subtle.

In particular, we find butterfly doors, a rear spoiler that folds up, front and rear suspension, an 8-speed sequential gearbox and a steering wheel decorated with the Italian brand’s coat of arms.

Lime green for the body and gold on the rims, the vehicle is proudly displayed in your interior. Thanks to its respectable size (60 cm long, 25 cm wide and 13 cm high), admirers of luxury cars will be surprised. And it takes no less than 3696 parts to put it together.

This Lamborghini from the LEGO Technic collection is available in a limited edition. In addition, you will observe an official authentication number right under the hood of the vehicle and it will be delivered to you in a nice box with instruction booklets so that you can install it step by step.

Buy the Lamborghini Sián for €301 at Amazon

This Prime Day 2022 on Amazon is a treat for Ferrari and LEGO fans!

Prime Day 2022 LEGO: You can't miss the best Amazon deals on these intricate and sought-after sets!

If you already own the amazing Lamborghini Sian and Bugatti Chiron from the LEGO Technic collection, you might be interested in adding a red shelf companion to them. The Ferrari 488 GTE kit allows racing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the history of this emblematic car developed by GT Competizione and Ferrari.

In order to take full advantage of this build, you need to overcome the 1677 parts of the set. Once assembled, the vehicle will measure 13 cm high and 48 cm longan appropriate size to display proudly in a bedroom, playroom or living room.

As with the other designs in the Technic collection, LEGO has also provided this Ferrari 488 GTE with many details such as the functional front and rear suspensions, the V8 engine with moving pistons and the removable doors.

As we explained to you above, this set pays tribute to Ferrari, GT Competizione, but also the AF Corse team. The 488 GTE from LEGO is a beautiful item that could interest some aficionados of the Italian manufacturer and its signature colour: Rosso Corsa.

Buy LEGO Ferrari 488 for €291 at Amazon

LEGO BMW Motorcycle drops in price during Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day 2022 LEGO: You can't miss the best Amazon deals on these intricate and sought-after sets!

From the top of his 1920 piecesthis mockup will give you a hard time. Designed for adults, this is a complex construction. Here and as with all its Technic sets, LEGO has really invested in miniatures that are as close to reality as possible.

For those wondering, this is the largest motorcycle model offered by LEGO. LThe model is in scale 1:5 and measures 27 cm high, 45 cm long and 17 cm wide. Important information, it is also necessary to take into account the addition of the display in the equation.

In addition, it is one of the most detailed models in the collection with lots of moving parts. The handlebar can turn the wheel, in action the belt turns and three gears plus neutral are available. She has that too real suspension and two supports according to your preference. One of the two supports even shows the characteristics of the motorcycle. In short, it is a true tribute to BMW’s two wheels.

SCH fans will still be able to lament the absence of Shifter Pro… Anyway, one thing is for sure, The LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR set is for sale at Amazon and if you want to expand your collection, now is the time to take advantage.

Buy the BMW M1000RR for €170 at Amazon

The most relaxing LEGO is cheaper during Amazon’s Prime Day

Prime Day 2022 LEGO: You can't miss the best Amazon deals on these intricate and sought-after sets!

Soon the end of summer and you would really need to relax after months of hard work. This is normal and there are many ways to do it. Here’s a somewhat original one, and you might not have thought of it.

Treating yourself to a little LEGO kit to build yourself is the beginning of a moment of relaxation and concentration, but this one is pretty special. It allows you to recreate a bonsai, both leafy and flowery.

With no less than 878 pieces, you will spend hours assembling each leaf as well as the pot and base to ultimately emerge from this magnificent experience. The leaves can be arranged freely to create a unique work in the world.

And of course it makes a very nice decorative element for a living room or an office. Small bonus, the components of the parts are made from plants.

Buy Bonsai for €42 at Amazon

Take advantage of Prime Day on Amazon

Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days

The best Prime Day deals is valid until 12 October 2022. ‘All Prime Days Deals are available until the end of the event.

Will there be LEGO on Prime Day 2022?

LEGO is part of Amazon’s catalog, we are almost sure to have good discounts! In addition, LEGO is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year and on this occasion, old models that have disappeared have reappeared on their site! Don’t hesitate to take a look!

Until what age can we be interested in LEGO?

Apparently there is no age limit to having fun building a LEGO. But know that we call a LEGO fan an “AFOL” and the majority are between the ages of 25 and 45! On the other hand, if you offer a LEGO to a toddler, just make sure he doesn’t accidentally swallow a part.

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