Near Vitré: the incredible renovation of an old car for the benefit of Telethon

The renovation of the Simca has been ongoing for several months ©Photo sent to Journal de Vitré

“An extraordinary project for an extraordinary case. This is how the actors mobilized around the renovation from A to Z of a Simca Ariane 4.

A vintage car that will be put into play as part of a lottery to recover funds for the Telethon. The draw will take place on 2 December 2022.

A titanic project

“For a few years we wanted to implement a project between Tacots et turbos de Stredell association and Telethon. The idea to restore a car arose during an office meeting. We launched this in 2020”, executive Franck Guillou of Tacots and turbos from Stredell, based in Etrelles (Ille-et-Vilaine)an association of vintage car enthusiasts.

The project got off to a flying start when, following a call, the actors involved in the project received the donation of a Simca Ariane 4.

“The project really appealed to this person who came to us. This was the biggest donation,” recalls Franck Guillou, also a tireless volunteer with the En route pour Léo & Co collective.

The team then puts themselves in battle order, but quickly realizes that the task is too great to refurbish this vehicle. Everyone then goes back to looking for another Simca Ariane 4 when there are very few models on the used market.

“Finally we found one near Le Mans. We bought it at half price because the person was sensitive to our project”, continues Franck Guillou, whose team was offered another “bare body”. “In two weeks had we two new bases. »

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Simca Ariane
Simca Ariane 4 ©Photo sent to Journal de Vitré

Many partners

All of it is repatriated to Etrelles and the various teams (bodywork, upholstery and mechanics) set out to repair the vehicle. A heavy construction site that began in September 2020.

The thirty volunteers, out of the fifty who cling to the project, have their eyes fixed on the draw, which will take place in December 2021. Everyone puts in the time they can.

“But the site was titanic, especially on the restructuring/body part,” smiles Franck Guillou. The teams then need a lot of coins.

“We were lucky because the global brand specialist is near Laval. This is the Clément garage. He is an important partner in the project thanks to his donations. »

We are at 1200 hours of work and there are 300 left.

Franck Guillou

For the complete restructuring of the Simca, based on new parts, the teams in particular carried out a complete airbrushing. “A service offered by another partner. »

For the body, it was necessary to rely on the body mechanics Canneçu de Vitré, who lent equipment. For the interior of the vehicle, La chouette upholstery takes care of it.

For mechanics, the association depends on Maux Retromobile. In its adventure, Tacots et turbos de Stredell can count on many partners who help the association with donations in kind or cash.

“Today these donations are almost 17,000 euros,” says Franck Guillou.

Simca Ariane
Simca Ariane 4 ©Nina Pontida

10,000 tickets for 10 euros

Faced with a project that requires time and in order not to put too much pressure on the schedule, Tacots et turbos de Stredell finally decides in 2021 to postpone its lottery until 2022. “We are at 1200 hours of work and there are 300 left. ”

On the lottery side, the sale of lottery tickets for 10 euros each began in May. “The advantage of a lottery is that it can reach many more people than auctions”, announces Franck Guillou.

The association aims to sell 10,000 tickets. To achieve this goal, everyone activates their network.

“The whole project is supported and financed by the club, but when we sell a ticket, the 10 euros goes to the Telethon. No percentage is given to our association. This means that if you lose the lottery, you still have 10 euros that will be given to the Telethon”, wants to emphasize Franck Guillou, who appeals to associations, schools, town halls or even companies.

The night of the lottery will take place on Friday, December 2nd at the Argentré-du-Plessis cultural center.

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