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October 6 at Bercythe BIG event or Bpifrance Inno Génération is back with 500 workshops and conferences, 1000 speakers, 70 top speakers and 50 personalities from the financial world that will be in the news in 2022. A unique opportunity to understand tomorrow’s challenges and the latest technological trends.

An unavoidable professional meeting for entrepreneurs

Bpifrance, public investment bank, is a French financing and business development organization. Every year the establishment organizes an event where professionals of any type of business can meet to talk business.

The big 2022 is one of the largest business meetings in Europe. It is the ideal professional event to fill your address book and meet professionals from all sectors. Open to both entrepreneurs and for large groups passes through startups, VSEs, SMEs and ETIs, the event provides an opportunity to meet purchasing directors for large groups, business angels, export and financing advisors or Bpifrance experts which can guide companies to help them develop their business and expand their network.

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Among the speakers at the event will be many distinguished guests such as Xavier Niel, Illiad CEO, Antoine FrerotCEO of Veolia or even Sebastien Borget, COO at Sandbox. The reason for understand their journey and find out how these acclaimed entrepreneurs have been successful.

A 8th edition with different themes

The theme for “Metamorphosis” is not insignificant: it symbolizes the experience of the pandemic and climate change, which imposes business transformation. The advent of Web 3.0 also has something to do with it, as more and more innovations appear.

The event offers a multitude of themes which will be dealt with during conferences and masterclasses on topics such as climate, deeptech, cyber security or even tourism and business creation. Innovation is naturally at the center of the event with, for example, a conference such as “How to reconcile innovation and environmental responsibility?”.

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Other interesting topics will be discussed such as innovations in the digital world, especially on artificial intelligence and the metaverse. For these topics, we have identified interesting conferences that might appeal to you:

  • “Deeptech in artificial intelligence: roadmap and future challenges”
  • “Metaverse: the future of the Internet? The possibilities of a new economy”.

In terms of growth and developmenta session is intended for named managers “Relationships between large groups and start-ups: the keys to a constructive and effective partnership”, it will allow them to carry out their partnerships successfully. With regard to international investmenton the Asia campus there will be a conference for companies that export abroad: “Raising funds in Asia for better market integration. Which strategy to follow?”. A master class available digitally only will take place on “Digital to transform your business”which corresponds to the theme of the event but also to digital transformation.

A hybrid event

The Great One is a hybrid event, it will be available both physically and digitally. The lectures are available on the Bpifrance website, in addition to the live event at the Accor Arena.

The master classes and the GREAT Angel Day will be only available digitally : you must connect to your visitor account to participate. In total, it is more than 260 hours of content which is broadcast and rebroadcast at the end of the event. You are welcome to create your course on the page to be organized during the event. Bpifrance advises visitors to bring their laptop, phone or tablet to the event so they can only participate in digital conferences.

For networking it is possible to make an appointment with professionals on the Place des Rendez-vous, from its visitor area. Visitors will have the opportunity to chat with private message by checking “activate network” in the same place on the Bpifrance Inno Génération website.

There are thematic routes specially designed by Bpifrance to help companies attend conferences in targeted sectors. Certain themes such as the climate or French technology are available for managers and decision-makers to participate in events that directly affect them. Different spaces will be present during the event, such as Big boutique or other spaces such as Off or the French fab which houses the Bang stage.

Useful information

BIG takes place in Paris at 8 boulevard de Bercy in 12th district, at the Accord Arena Paris. The place is accessible thanks to lines 6 and 14 of the Paris metro.

Accor Arena also has parking that is only available by prior online reservation.

The event takes place Thursday 6 October at 9.00-19.00.

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