Sfax could become the Duba of Tunisia and North Africa

Fakher Fakhfakh: Sfax can become Tunisia’s and North Africa’s Duba

The Governor of Sfax, Fakher Fakhfakh, stated that he had visited all 21 university institutions in the region. He explained that he had been invited to several graduation ceremonies. This enabled him to discover the fabric of university life in Sfax. He thanked the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed, for appointing a Sfaxien at the head of the government. ” I want to give hope to others… I only need support from the central power… Sfax can be Tunisia’s locomotive… Sfax can be Tunisia’s Dubai and South Africa’s North “, he declared.

Invited on October 11, 2022 by Wassim Ben Larbi on Express FM radio, Fakher Fakhfakh explained that these priorities for the coming period relate to guaranteeing a healthy environment, improving transport conditions, making Sfax a tourist destination and a beautiful city. He deplored the presence of non-native citizens in the city of Sfax. He also mentioned the problem of waste management. He believed that the regional council was not enough to meet the region’s needs. This led him to create an economic committee that allows investors and businessmen to submit their proposals. The governor also explained that a community corporation will soon be established at the governorship level. It will be established in Menzel Chaker and will specialize in goat breeding.

Asked about the issue of irregular migration, Fakher Fakhfakh mentioned the presence of foreigners in the governorate’s territory. He believed that these people should be integrated well. He recalled that Tunisia had signed a convention on the non-refoulement of migrants. The governor continued to create a coordination of migration in partnership with the International Organization for Migration. Fakhfakh specified that several migrants were sent to Sfax. He believed that Tunisians should integrate their African brothers. “We must welcome them… I always approach them… When I once spoke to a group in a café, I understood that they felt far from home… We must also maintain our security by to identify individuals… We must not expose them to what we do not want to experience in Europe “, he added.

Fakher Fakhfakh confirmed that he traveled alone and without informing the administration in order to conduct real surprise visits. He said some people object to this approach. He believed that a governor should play the role of link between the administration and the citizen. The governor disclosed that he had intervened with several administrations or ministries to unblock situations concerning ordinary citizens or investors. It is, he says, a matter of efficiency. The governor mentioned the lack of resources made available to the hospital in Sfax. He recalled that this establishment welcomed citizens from several governorates.

Fakhfakh also mentioned the problem regarding waste management. He believed that the residents of the town of Agareb had misinterpreted the reopening of the El Gonna landfill. It was a temporary measure. The governor subsequently indicated that the regional council meetings resulted in the proposal to establish a Sfaxian waste management agency. The proposal has been submitted to the central authorities and awaits validation in the form of a decree.

Regarding public transport, Fakher Fakhfakh criticized the degradation of the fleet available to the regional transport company and the limited number of buses available. He explained that a single collapse could block the situation in the region. He believed that the state should invest more in public transport despite the cost. He insisted on social welfare. Fakhfakh indicated that the issues of public transport and access to health were part of basic human needs and that the President of the Republic had insisted on the importance of this.


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