Party. The sub-prefect visits the France Services room in Latronquière

Anne-Cécile Vialle, sub-prefect of Figeac (2nd from left), was welcomed in the France Services area of ​​Latronquière by Éliane Lavergne, mayor of Latronquière (to her right) and Alain Hébert, mayor of Saint-Cirgues, on Tuesday 11 .October 2022. (©JL)

Anne-Cécile Vialle, sub-prefect of Figeaccame to Latronquiere this Tuesday, October 11, 2022 as part of the open house week FranceServices. She was accompanied by Eliane Lavergne, Mayor of Latronquièreand Alain Hébert, Mayor of Saint-Cirgues.

The Sub-Prefect of Figeac thus got to know the room staff and told them that Partywith its 23 France Services rooms, was a state-of-the-art department in public service and that it was very proud of the level of service provided to the population of the department.

Éliane Lavergne added that this structure was essential to connect the different administrations. The France Services area is located in the premises of the former urban community of Haut Ségala and the inhabitants of the sector who know the place well came spontaneously to carry out their procedures.

For Alain Hébert, on the other hand, the inhabitants of Saint Cirgues found it more difficult to come to consult and that it was undoubtedly necessary to make the quality of the service provided a little better known.

To a remark that emphasized the fact that the success of France Services spaces was undoubtedly linked to the withdrawal of the state and the territorial administration, Mrs. Vialle replied that, on the contrary, the state had just reactivated the national territory of six sub-prefectures, emphasizing that public service will continue to be a priority for the government.

Éliane Lavergne and Alain Hébert emphasized that the sector was very attractive, especially for couples with children looking for larger homes that allow them to live outdoors, closer to nature. After the episodes of confinement in an urban environment, it is a wise choice, our territory offers many perspectives in this area.

Anne-Cécile Vialle specified thatANCT (National Agency for Territorial Cohesion) proposed the various operators involved in the France Services approach to assume responsibility for operations. This proposal was rejected by the latter, for the Lot department prefers that the state remain engaged in this project. The state currently contributes to the operation of these rooms with €30,000 per year and per structure.

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Finally Vialle suggests that local elected officials, especially municipal councilors, regularly come into contact with France Services structures to better communicate the quality of the service provided to their fellow citizens and thus contribute to the development and evolution of the activities offered.

What you need to know about the France Services area in Latronquière

In 2021, 2,338 hires were made, which corresponds to an average of just over 9 hires per year. These interviews mainly concern taxes, retirement, health procedures, official documents (national identity card, passport, gray card), employment and housing.
You will be received by professionals who are specially trained in these matters and in connection with the administrations concerned. This staff is subject to confidentiality, which guarantees the confidentiality of exchanges and the documents presented.
The France Services area in Latronquière is open every day, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm non-stop.


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