How to evaluate your car to put it up for sale before you leave

We are interested in a topic that may interest many French people who have chosen to move to Shanghai: the resale of a used car. There are actually some of you who own a car, and when the foreign mission ends, you must be able to appraise it at a price that corresponds to the market price, so that it does not remain in your hands. If you do it in good time, what are the methods to make the best possible estimate?

First method: consult online sales points and establish an average

We start with a fairly simple method to set up, but which is proven. This consists of looking at all current car sales ads or those that have already been sold, ideally to establish an average price for your particular model. It is then necessary to take an interest in various parameters in order to be as precise as possible in your estimate: the number of kilometers of the car, year of commissioning, the rarity of the model, if it is a petrol or diesel car…

If this method gives good results, it must be emphasized that it takes a lot of time. Especially since market fluctuations must be taken into account in the balance sheet. For example, if you rely on transactions that are too old, you risk overestimating the value of your vehicle and not being able to sell it before you return to France. On the other hand, since used cars have increased in value with a shortage of components, which has led to a reduction in the production of new cars, an undervaluation is also possible.

In short, you will have understood: if you are not a car enthusiast yourself, this method quickly reaches its limits because it requires a lot of time and in-depth knowledge. Now let’s look at another, faster method that anyone can use.

Second method: use an online estimation tool

If you don’t mind doing various searches to find out the price of your vehicle, luckily there are tools on the web that make your life much easier. All you have to do is enter your car’s registration number, its make, model and mileage to get a price range corresponding to market prices.

How does it work? Well, the rating of your car is calculated after analyzing millions of ads for sale worldwide by weighting the region in which you are located. The same model can have a very different dimension in France than in Shanghai, which is why a weighting is necessary. After that, you will have the choice of making an appointment with a professional to make a more accurate estimate, although this step remains optional.

To summarize, we can say that this kind of tool achieves in seconds what you would have done in days with the first method. This is why we recommend it if you want to quickly sell your used car in Shanghai.

Third method: consult Argus Rating

You may have been surprised that the Cote Argus was not mentioned first, as it has long been a reference in the world of car sales. The problem is that it concerns the recovery price estimate from a professional. This is often different from the price you can recycle to sell your vehicle on classifieds sites between individuals. In other words, it is a good indicator for professionals, but it is far from suitable for people who need to make some adjustments.

In the end, you may as well base yourself on the actual prices practiced in the market between individuals or rely on an online estimation tool.

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