“Emphasis” of agricultural land for debate at Agglo d’Angers

The Cantenay-Epinard activity zone near Angers (Maine-et-Loire) created a debate that was conversely important for its relatively modest area of ​​2.5 hectares, this Monday, October 10, 2022, in the Angers Loire metropolis (ALM). In fact, the city area plans to equip this place, called the Bellevue area, to accommodate industrial and craft businesses.

“Where are the promises not to be concretized? sharply questions Claire Schweitzer, adviser to the opposition. We keep grabbing space while we lack agricultural land. We can also give these lands back to nature. Well no, so we will continue to remove the natural space as the wall gets closer and closer…”

Words that cause an elected official in the municipality to react. “I am sorry to hear elected officials from Angers give lessons to other municipalities. » The elected representative reminds that Cantenay-Épinard has a large part of its territory in flood-prone and therefore sanctuary areas. “Municipalities like Cantenay must be able to accommodate small local businesses with little capital. »

Stéphane Lefloch (left ecologist) reads differently from Claire Schweitzer. “I maintain the principle of bringing workplaces closer to home. » Chairman Jean-Marc Verchère closes the discussion. “This extension has been necessary for a number of years. »

845 people supported for employment

The Local Integration and Employment Plan (PLIE) is a local employment support scheme where ALM contributes €492,600 for 2022 (out of a total amount of €1.4 million). In 2021, PLIE supported 845 people, including 44% women and 40% living in priority neighbourhoods. Of the 322 people who left this program during the year, 128 did so for long-term employment (CDI or CDD for more than 6 months).

Drink water!

“The water is very good, we can drink it without worry”, confirms Jean-Paul Pavillon, vice president, who gave an update on the quality of drinking water. He reminds that only 1% of this water produced in the ALM sector is drunk. “The rest is used 30% of the toilets, 40% of the showers. We can make progress. »

This means that tap water is not consumed enough, for the benefit of e.g. bottled water. “who creates waste”. But, recalls Jean-Paul Pavillon, tap water is 89 times cheaper than bottled water.

For his part, Yves Aurégan (Angers ecological and solidarity) insists on the poor condition of the Loire. “Should we be dependent on an economy that degrades our water? » , he asks. In response, Jean-Paul Pavillon said that a study will be carried out on the users of the water from the Loire.

A garage for ten bicycles

A new bike park, called Ruche à vélo, has been installed in the Marengo car park near Saint-Laud station. It has ten seats. It is too little for Yves Aurégan to ask “to revise the urban mobility plan” to better secure cyclists with cycle paths. Claire Schweitzer insists on the price of this hive, ie. €100,000 for ten bikes. “This money could have made it possible to equip yourself with braces (to attach two-wheelers). We could have had more equipment for the cyclists who lack it in Angers. »

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