Corsair EX100U review: our opinion

The longer time passes, the more our files become overweight. Photos and images, music files, video games, all these require a lot of disk space to keep them, but also to get them from point A to point B. Speed ​​is also a big issue when there is a need to transfer large amounts of data to removable media.

Corsair puts us on the path to a solution by offering a new model of small and light portable SSD EX100U, which comes in 1, 2 or 4 TB versions, and which promises very interesting read and write capacity for a removable SSD. . We have the opportunity to test and evaluate this model today, the first day it is available to buyers.

Apart from the main interest, we only find in the box a couple of 30 centimeter cables, a little short for certain purposes, but which will have the advantage that they can be easily transported. One has two USB-C pins, the other USB-C and USB-A pin.

The EX100U SSD’s USB-C 3.2 Gen2x2 port is hidden under a cap to protect it from dust. And Corsair had the good idea to make sure that part stays attached to avoid losing it.

USB-C port

Its lightness is surprising and we had to take out the electronic kitchen scale to know the weight of this 2 TB model: just over 20 grams! Its dimensions of 79 mm x 37 mm x 11 mm therefore allow it to be carried without being an obstacle in a pocket with clothes or any bag.


The EX100U SSD does not need a driver under Windows or under Mac or console. As soon as it is connected, it opens immediately. Already formatted by default in exFAT, it is however completely empty. No data sheet or software, you’ll have to get it on the Corsair site.


The software tool that can be used is called Corsair SSD Toolbox. There are some interesting tools like that to clone a disk or perform a secure erase. On the other hand, we would have liked to find a way to apply encryption to the files or at least to protect the opening with a password so as not to reveal the data in case of loss.


Corsair says its SSD supports read transfer speeds of over 1600MB/s and over 1500MB/s write. And according to CrystalDiskMark, this is indeed the case with very good results on large files.


Tested with Windows 11 copy-paste, transferring a disk image larger than 4GB took no more than 5 seconds. Of course, the source on the disk where the source file is located must have equal or greater capabilities to take advantage of it.

Copying a file

In terms of price, the 1TB model is offered at the recommended price of 139.99 euros, 249.99 for the 2 TB model or 619.99 euros for the 4TB. It is therefore the intermediate model that seems most interesting. The price level is similar to the equally discreet competitor WD, which offers a locking tool, but lower speeds. If the price is a bit too high, traditional hard drives can be a good option. The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra touch is a little bulkier and a little slower, but has an encryption option.

Above all, it is this SSD encryption or access protection option that could be improved. For the price, a small carrying strap or a bag with enough room to also accommodate a cable could have been provided. However, the current cap protects the most important thing: the USB-C port.

In the end, we really liked this little SSD, precisely for its size and weight, which makes it a perfect storage tool in a mobile situation. The other big positive is its ability to transfer large files quickly so as not to waste time, with results that even slightly exceed what Corsair advertises.

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