The taxi offer is now available on FREENOW for Business

Business customers can now order a taxi directly on the FREENOW for Business application. Benjamin Giovanni, Head of Sales at FREENOW discusses the implementation of this new offering and the benefits it represents for business travelers.

Why did you add the taxi offer to FREENOW for Business?

We had already launched the taxi offer in June in Paris, then we communicated about the launch of the offer for business customers in September. This integration is part of the logic of improving our MaaS and multimodal solution. The goal is to offer as many choices as possible in the same application, and we were missing the taxi. So that was the logical next step. Then you should know that our core business is basically the taxi. Freenow was formerly MyTaxi, which was the European leader.

In the French market we only had VTC, unlike the other European countries where we are active, so it was logical to integrate this offer. We have the technical capacity and the teams to do so. The goal for us is also to create synergies between the drivers behind these two activities. The VTC activity is a real growth arm for the taxi and vice versa, because the number of users and trips multiplies. On the user side, this meets the expectations of BtoB customers. There are more drivers, so more flexibility and loyalty, as the traveler no longer has to switch applications to go from taxi to VTC and vice versa. At the same time, the loyalty program remains the same for both.

Are VTC and taxi offers complementary for business customers?

Benjamin Giovanni, Sales Manager at FREENOW

There is a real complementarity between these two offers. Meeting the needs of business travelers is important, especially when traveling to and from airports. The demand is real from the companies. The taxi allows, for example, to take advantage of bus lines, not to have an increase in case of high demand because the price is regulated or even to have easy access to stations and airports. The advantages are many. Conversely, prices for VTCs are known in advance and generally this formula is more economical except in the case of a surcharge.

What are the different transport options available to the traveler on the FREENOW for Business app?

There are VTCs with different series of vehicles and a transition of our fleet to 100% electric in 2030. So we have just added taxis, electric scooters (Tier, Dott and Voi), electric bikes (Tier and Dott), electric scooters (Cooltra ) and shared cars (Sharenow and ZITY), for the French market. The advantage is that as soon as we add a partner to our application, we also add all the geographical points where it is already established. This allows us to have a global and more comprehensive coverage.

Will new features be added soon? If so, still in a logic of promoting soft mobility?

We work on several axes. On the one hand, to offer the most transport alternatives and expand our coverage. We would soon like to add public transport in, for example, Paris, and we are actively working on that. With this new integration, we cover almost all available means of transport. All this is part of a logic of promoting soft mobility and limiting the use of private cars in urban areas.

At the same time, we are launching the Mobility Budget. This project will make it possible to provide employees with a mobility budget for their personal trips paid for by the company. In the same way as restaurant tickets or a subscription to the gym, this budget will be a benefit that the employee will have to be able to use certain forms of transportation when he wants to.

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