the senior housing Espace & Vie gets a quality label

The group Space & Life is pleased to announce a new quality label, that of the senior housing in Carnac in Morbihan. Vie Seniors & Habitat The VISEHA label, the first quality label for senior service housing, was created by SYNERPA RSS and SNRA in June 2018. The two trade unions that bring together the majority of operators in the sector created VISEHA with the support of ofAfnor certification.

The recognition for the Vendée residence opened in March 2021

Arnaud Dietsché, director of the Carnac residence: “ Serving is much more than succeeding, it is a duty. Committing to our seniors on a daily basis means having the most demanding level of quality! I would like to express my gratitude to the entire residency team without exception, including the support functions at the Espace & Vie Group head office. This mark of quality is a source of pride, the fruit of hard work on a daily basis. Last but not least, a huge thank you to all our residents for their trust and patience. A thought also for families and all those involved in their well-being. But above all, it is not an end. Tell yourself again and again that the freedom preserved and the peace found are these paths you must relentlessly pursue! “.

The Viseha brand responds to three challenges:

  • a readability problem: allow the general public to find their way among the various categories
    of housing
  • a quality problem: ensure that nursing homes offer a common base
    in terms of real estate and services
  • a growth challenge: to offer a recognized reference from which the sector can

Achieving this mark of quality is the recognition of our model of housing for the elderly. Take effect, Space & Life is an actor who is committed to the quality and satisfaction of the residents. Every day, men and women ofSpace & Life support residents and connect with those around them. This very human approach to supporting seniors demonstrates a cross-cutting vision of housing issues for seniors, their physical and moral well-being, while offering them a safe environment and quality services. Espace & Vie’s vocation is to welcome older people who need to find peace in everyday life, by giving them the opportunity to live freely and surrounded in a living environment that listens to their needs. In particular, this commitment involves the teams’ real know-how in terms of support to ensure quality service while respecting residents’ privacy.

Quick reminder: what is the VISEHA brand?

The main task of the VISEHA quality mark is to make it possible for the general public to find their way among the various categories of housing for the elderly. It also ensures that senior care facilities offer a common base in terms of real estate and services. The VISEHA quality mark is mainly based on 13 criteria: 6 real estate and 7 service criteria.

Thus, the 6 property criteria of the VISEHA brand bring together a minimum number of individual dwellings, a minimum average area per housing, a balanced distribution of the housing typology, a minimum area of ​​common spaces, and finally an appropriate ratio between the area of ​​the common areas and all the individual housing. The Viseha brand also guarantees the minimum composition of common areas (reception, lounge, restaurant with communal kitchen and entertainment room).

In addition, there are 7 service criteria, which are the number of activities or entertainment offered per week, access to laundry service for flat linen and personal linen, cleaning of the home, catering in the dining room and at home, the minimum number of FTEs (full time equivalent) and its ratio per resident, presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and finally a reception available 6 days a week at least with 7 hour presence at least daily

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