Ouvêo launches “IMORROW MY HOUSE” a new space with inspiration and advice

Manufacturer of customized wood, aluminum, PVC “Made in France”, Ouvêo is one of the most important players in the market, expert in its sector since 1948. Ouvêo launches “IMORROW MY HOUSE” a new space of inspiration and Advice, 100% digital. This space, available on the Ouveo-menuiseries.fr site dedicated to the world of carpentry for the general public, is also a “boost” tool to help sales for all the 3,000 independent artisans, installer partners of Ouvêo throughout France.
Bespoke wood, aluminum and PVC materials have been Ouvêo’s hallmark since its creation. Expert for more than 50 years, Ouvêo wanted to gather the advice and answers that the consumer asks himself in the DEMAIN MA MAISON room at every stage of his reflection regarding carpentry in renovation or new construction.
“Changing your joinery is a process that takes place on average two to three times in a lifetime,” recalls Laurence Allain-Guillemot, Communications and Marketing Director of the Estémi Group and the Ouvêo brand. “We started from this observation to structure the heading of our space”. At each stage of the inquiry, an appropriate answer.

Practical practice DEMAIN MA MAISON is designed with a pedagogical approach

Designed for the general public with the idea of ​​popularizing the technical world of carpentry, DEMAIN MA MAISON is also designed to become the digital default space for its own partner customers, installers every day in the field. “Performance, material questions, technical questions, insulation… In real situations, our Artisans Poseurs partners can more easily provide an answer in pictures, video or any other format to the customer who asks himself several questions to carry out carpentry work in individual homes in renovation as new. Questions in good time before choosing the joinery range”.
DEMAIN MA MAISON also provides information about the market and its rules, which are constantly changing, energy issues, financial support or work assistance, etc.
Our goal: “our partner customers are one step ahead in all matters in the world of carpentry, a direct asset for sales and to facilitate their daily life”.

OUVEO, new collections 2022/2023

The smooth transition from print to digital

With DEMAIN MA MAISON, Ouvêo also allows its network of craft installers to switch seamlessly from print to digital. “Our aim was also to offer a high-quality digital supplement to our classic paper catalogues,” emphasizes Laurence Allain Guillemot.
This September, Ouvêo presents its new collections 2022/2023 – wood, aluminum and PVC. In addition to the DEMAIN MA MAISON digital version, the Ouvêo Menuiseries catalogs have been thoroughly reviewed. Make room for large surrounding visuals, answer to individuals’ expectations and questions, adapt the carpentry. A popularization of the technical part for the general public with additional technical sheets and product video capsules can be found on the website and direct access via QR codes in the catalogues.
“Printed catalogs are still relevant, they are visual, tactile supports that give craftsmen a qualitative and fluid presentation to their customers, but their use becomes primarily advisory, as the pdf versions are available on our website and available to our craft partners. We reduce thus the printed volumes strongly, at the same time as we deliver new tools to the general public and to our own customers.”


4 headings and many formats are offered to access the information corresponding to each of the phases of the reflection for the realization of a project in Joinery: a red thread, “pedagogy”. The articles are characterized by briefs of the type: “The figure”, “The technical point Ouvêo”, “Good to know”… for related clarifications.

Everyone can find the information according to the stage of their reflection:
– Or at the very beginning of a renovation project, still looking for ideas: the inspiration and advice sections are intended to help them frame their project better.
– Are already better established on their project by
renovation, the performance and rules sections are there to help them make informed technical choices.

videos and photo reports to better understand

  • The product and its material
  • Manufacturer’s expertise Tailored and made in France – The different stages of manufacturing aluminum carpentry, wood carpentry or even PVC carpentry
  • The expertise of the craftsmen – Installation or removal of joinery work at the end customer
    “This step allows, for example, the end customer to better understand the schedule and the time spent on the manufacture and also to measure the work in his house”, emphasizes Laurence Allain Guillemot.
  • Consumers can also find closures via the Provélis brand, another brand from the Estémi group for roller shutters, BSO, block stalls – Catalog area

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