How to make my business more virtuous

You have made a big decision: To put virtue into your business. Whatever the reason, we can only congratulate you. If you are looking for the different options available to you, this article is for you. So what are you waiting for to read it?

Set values ​​and give meaning

To start with, you can check the meaning of your company’s action. If you’re not necessarily in an ecological or social enterprise, or worse, one that has a negative impact on the planet, that doesn’t stop you from being able to do something good. Take a company in transportation for example, it may well have made the choice to use ecological vehicles. Thus, it will have less influence on the planet than another, and its development will have positive consequences for the planet. Ask yourself how the development of your business benefits others. You must give meaning to your action. This will resonate with your employees and motivate them.

Then feel free to define values ​​that will guide your decisions. Be clear to yourself, no decision should ever violate these values ​​if you want to put more virtue into your business. The first value is to continue to respect its values. No need to show it if you plan to get rid of it when the time comes. Opportunism is never a virtue.

First, pay attention to what is happening in the company

You want to add value to your business. The easiest way is to start with your own attitude and regard for your employees. You don’t have to look any further than your home to set it up. Take stock of what you have started in your company and see what you can do for the well-being of your employees. Analyze what can be done better and try to create a positive atmosphere in your company. Develop a good mindset in the company itself.

The ideas are legion, and you can, for example, offer your employees the opportunity to take time off from their working hours to participate in association activities of their choice.

Take stock of what you are doing wrong

It’s about focusing on your negative impact, whether ecologically or socially. Look at what you are doing wrong and try to find solutions so that it is less negative or, on the contrary, positive. You can start by creating a carbon footprint, e.g. Do not hesitate to check that you e.g. fights against discrimination. Don’t know what to watch? Nothing could be simpler: Create a list of associations and see their activities. They will often be virtuous, and you will quickly get ideas for all the areas you can act on. Nothing prevents you from hiring an employee on the subject or better from recruiting internally a person responsible for the control with respect for the virtue of the company.

Pay back part of your turnover

Many companies, such as Faguo, allocate part of their turnover or profit to a cause. Some donate a percentage of their sales to charities. You can also take care of it yourself and decide that you want to create a structure to be financed by your company to serve a cause. A large number of companies have created funds in this direction. In addition to developing yourself, you thus have a new metric that could give meaning to your employees’ actions.

Create a new activity

It’s funny to see the number of entrepreneurs who, after being successful with their first business, seek to create another…virtuous. It is perhaps the true symbol of success to want to contribute to society without thinking about it. Nothing prevents you from creating a branch of the company that will have a sustainable or social purpose. If you can’t do it internally, why not create another structure?

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