Amazon slashes prices on Acer, Asus, HP laptops…everyone goes there

Haven’t had the opportunity to take advantage of back-to-school deals to get a laptop at a lower price? Rest assured, it is always possible to find great deals thanks to the flash sales organized by Amazon. Right now, the e-commerce giant is offering you several discounts on laptops made by top brands like Acer, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, HP and more. Before deciding on a machine, it is important to take stock of your needs. In fact, you will not have the same requirements depending on the desired application. Processor, RAM, storage, screen quality, responsiveness, formats… Many parameters must be taken into account when buying a laptop. If above all you want to be able to take your device with you, follow your courses or work while roaming, choose a lightweight model with a simple configuration. Conversely, PC gamers will need to plan for a larger budget and expect to encounter larger laptops if they hope to run the latest generation of AAA games. No matter which item you choose, you’ll discover many benefits by signing up for Amazon Prime. Free Priority Delivery, Prime Video, Prime Gaming… Try the loyalty program free for 30 days.

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Laptops: great deals already online at Amazon

Acer, Asus, Lenovo … all brands are for sale on Amazon

Take advantage of Amazon’s great deals on laptops for just 48 hours. Whether you are looking for an Acer, Asus, Lenovo or even MSI and even Apple model: flash sales will be there.

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Ultra-portable PCs: simple and lightweight computers

Ultra-portable computers are specially designed for students and people who frequently change workplaces. These machines are intended for more professional or educational use and are designed to be easy to transport. Equipped with a thin frame, they integrate components selected for their great lightness. Their weight, generally less than 2 kg, means that they can be carried effortlessly. These devices are often equipped with a battery that offers ten hours of autonomy, enough to use your laptop all day without having to recharge it. Due to their configuration, which favors lightness over performance, ultraportables are mainly suitable for office use or simple entertainment. If you are wondering which brands to choose, you can trust manufacturers such as Lenovo, Acer or Asus. Running under the Chrome OS operating system, models with the Chromebook designation are known for their speed and improved ergonomics. You will also find ultra-portable PCs equipped with touch screens, for comfortable navigation even without a mouse. Units of this type are often available at prices between 400 euros and 800 euros.

Gaming laptop: performance for total immersion

More expensive than conventional laptops, gaming laptops come with extremely powerful configurations. In order to run the most demanding titles, your machine will actually require high-performance components. Choose devices with the latest generation of Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors. You must also have enough RAM to play smoothly. On the storage side, manufacturers often choose SSD technology, valued for its speed. The presence and quality of the graphics card is also very important if you do not want to have any screen problems. Do not hesitate to refer to the characteristics recommended by your favorite games to choose a laptop that at least meets these criteria. Network speed, efficient ventilation unit, responsive keyboard, sound system, screen quality… Many settings can make your gaming experience even more pleasant. If you want to buy a gaming laptop, it is advisable to turn to specialized manufacturers such as MSI, or reputable brands such as HP. The price of these machines starts around 700 euros and can go up to more than 1500 euros.

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