6 things you can already do in the Metaverse

Today is the metaverse goes beyond the hybrid face-to-face model as we have known since the health crisis. determined to stay a real living space, this new 3D universe promises companies to be able to establish themselves on a new distribution and promotion channel. According to a Gatner study, by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse. This already provides a real playground for entrepreneurs and companies to offer newly designed customer experiences in all areas.

Attend a fair

One thing you can already do in the metaverse, is to participate in a professional event and in particular at a B2B fair. This is an opportunity for your company to expand its market by exhibiting at a virtual fair. Thanks to various tools, companies can collect all their communication documents in a single file that can be downloaded with a single click. It has never been easier to discuss with prospects or partners: no more noise problems, it is possible create a voice communication cell to discuss privately.

You can also use your virtual avatar to visit the booths of other exhibitors who certainly use the most innovative technologies to present their services or products. You can create 3D models to show your products from a new angle. It’s a new way to attend a show to fill your address book and provide your client portfolio without leaving your home!

More and more fairs take place in the metaverse, such as Bpifrance Metaverse Vision, a fair organized by Bpifrance and La French Touch at Decentraland, a 3D virtual reality platform.

Create a store or showroom

Like H&M or Adidas, companies can set up a store dedicated to the sale of products. Some technologies such as augmented reality allow users to try on products or see them modeled in 3D. This announces the creation of a completely new sales channel, regardless of whether it is virtual or physical products. Purchases are usually made through NFTs, a virtual currency.

Thanks to the innovations of metaverse, companies can model their showroom or shop according to their wishes and allow 360° virtual tours. Whether it’s architecture or decoration, everything can be thought of down to the millimeter, but you can also change it overnight. The virtual showroom thus offers a new interactive and innovative medium for your interlocutors, available 24 hours a day.

Work on a daily basis with all his employees

Thanks to this new digital universe, it is possible to transform the way your employees and business partners work. Creating workspace allows a new form of remote work, much more collaborative and interactive. Participate in meetings, conferences or remote seminars and team building sessions, while you are almost physically present thanks to his avatar.

Much more real than a video conference, the metaverse promises increase team cohesion, involvement and productivity. This also makes it possible to reduce journeys and therefore ensure good punctuality and reduce its CO² emissions. Some innovations such as facial tracking make it possible to broadcast facial expressions in real time, increasing the feeling of being with real people. These innovations make it possible to create new, more interactive forms of corporate training.

There are more and more virtual reality software like Horizon Workrooms that allow you to share your screen, write and draw on a whiteboard or even use spatial sound.

Training through 100% humanized digital training

Distance courses are becoming more and more popular, and they promise to become even more in the metaverse. They will offer a close to face-to-face experience (voice, avatar, interaction, chat, etc.)

Thanks to fast and easy document sharing, projecting presentation slides on a virtual screen has never been easier. Interactive videos can also participate in training projects, to engage students.

Creating custom digital media is one of the assets pushing the training field into the universe of the metaverse. The experience is close to face to face: it is possible to collect feedback from participants to improve the experience. They can also download documents with a single click, regardless of the chosen format and take advantage of customized digital media (3D object, models, exploded views, environments, PDF, videos, streaming, etc.).

Invest in virtual real estate

Many real estate companies has already planned to settle in the metaverse to represent their brand or create experiences. It is actually possible to create architectural models to reproduce a building to be built in real life. This may allow specialist construction companies reduce construction errors. Real estate virtual tours have been around for a long time. But the metaverse promises more immersive visits and more opportunities for personalization like showrooms.

Some companies are interested in virtual real estate: it involves building structures in the digital universe and selling or renting them to consumers. The property companies have a great interest to this new market, which may explode in a few years. Architects can also let their creative freedom take over to create structures that are larger than life but can take years to build in real life.

Recruit differently

No more phone calls and video conferences: it is now possible to launch your recruitment campaign in the metaverse. Thanks to 3D avatars, job interviews look more real than life thanks to the premises that can be modeled in this new digital universe. This allows businesses to humanize the recruitment processrather than relying solely on a resume or cover letter.

Thanks to the different types of display, you can present your company through sophisticated digital media. Candidates can also create an interactive resume to showcase their skills according to the sector concerned. Recruitment in the metaverse can be an opportunity to get candidates to solve practical cases by being able to analyze their actions in a stressful situation.

The CEO of Carrefour himself organized a recruitment session to find data scientists and data analysts.

Companies can show their thirst for innovation by settling into the metaverse, and this can be a real lever to attract young talent and new consumers. This is why companies are so interested in the metaverse: because the field of possibilities goes beyond the collective imagination.

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