6 misconceptions about electric cars


According to a recent study Electric vehicle quality metrics, 1 in 5 French people would be ready to buy an electric car in the next 6 months. A high figure which demonstrates the growing interest in electric cars.

Motorists who are not ready to buy one are still blocked by certain received ideas, which we will see together.

Electric car technologies are developing, as are charging station networks: the supply is no longer the same as a few years ago.

Here are 6 received ideas that are no longer true today.

Electric cars lack range:

33% of French respondents find that the autonomy of electric cars is too low. This was especially the case ten years ago: the Renault ZOE then had a range of 210 km, and the Nissan Leaf 144 kilometres!

Now the electric city cars in the B segment show up to 400 kilometers of autonomy, and the compact ones go up to 550 km. Large sedans exceed 700 km and some cars may even reach 1000 km in the next few years.

Increased autonomy now makes it possible to consider long journeys with many models. Of course, it will be necessary to prepare your journey and plan breaks to make the necessary refills.

There are not enough charging points:

Charging networks are expanding more and more, a necessity to allow the thousands of electric cars in circulation to charge easily.

At the end of August 2022, Avere states in its barometer that there are 69,428 public charging points, an increase of 50% in just one year.

There are also more than 6,200 free public charging points in France! They are often provided by municipalities, retailers, hotels, cinemas or even supermarkets.

The electric car is only for the city:

Now the models offered by manufacturers are more and more varied, with family models, SUVs and even limousines. Compact, break or road are offered in electric. Also with sporty and particularly powerful variants!

There are therefore many electric cars designed for use that is much more varied than urban use.

Volkswagen ID.3

Electric cars are very expensive:

Electric cars are indeed expensive to purchase, but current support such as the ecology bonus and conversion bonus makes it possible to reduce the bill. The distance is therefore smaller for the final price between a thermomobile and an electric car with similar power. This price difference can also be made profitable by a lower maintenance budget on an electric car, and by the fact that electric charging at home is much more accessible than filling up with fossil fuel.

Electric cars are dangerous because you can’t hear them coming:

Pedestrians can fear not hearing an electric car approaching. A phenomenon that only occurs at low speed, because in addition, a car generates rolling noise and aerodynamic noise.

Since last year, all electric cars must have an artificial system that generates noise below 19 km/h and when reversing. This European obligation makes an existing system mandatory and cannot be deactivated: AVAS, forAcoustic alarm systems for vehicles.

The noise level must reach a maximum of 75 dB, which is the noise level of an internal combustion engine.

In the future, you will therefore be more likely to be surprised by an electric scooter than by an electric car!

Batteries are very expensive to replace in case of failure:

In an electric car, the price of the battery represents a significant sum of the car’s total price. What fear for the replacement of this essential part! Most manufacturers offer an 8-year warranty on the electric motor and battery to reassure buyers.

The other good news comes in the possible repairability of batteries, which will develop more and more. The experts who specialize in battery repair are trained by the manufacturers and they will certainly also find themselves in specialized car centers for this new issue of car maintenance. Modern batteries can be repaired as it is possible to isolate and replace defective modules.

Electric cars and services revolving around electric mobility are developing, and from year to year the changes are more and more significant. The brakes when buying an electric car end up falling one after the other…

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