4 music apps to brighten your journey wherever you go

Not so long ago, the only way to listen to music in the car was cassettes or CDs, which had to be bought. Some conductors have bought a huge amount of tapes and CDs to listen to their favorite pop star songs. Up to 10 to 15 pieces of music could be recorded on these discs and cassettes, and in this connection many had to carry many discs to change them and listen to other music.

This caused a lot of inconvenience, especially when traveling, when traveling lasts several hours. People had to buy lots of tapes and CDs, keep them in the car and listen to the same music all the time. But thankfully those days are long gone and now all a driver needs to do before a long journey is to install one of the many apps on their phone where they can access an extensive library of music for any taste.

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All you need to travel to another country is to rent a car, plan a route and choose a music app that will help keep you in good spirits throughout your adventure. When you come to Dubai, let yourself be tempted by the pleasure of Dubai VIP car rental to take you on a luxury car ride. Car Rentals offers a large selection of exclusive cars along with exceptional customer service. On the car rental website, you can book any car from SUVs to supercars for rent and start your adventure with some great music.

Top 4 music apps in 2022 to brighten your journey

In this article, we will talk about the best apps where you can find music and songs for every taste to make your trip unforgettable.

#1. Google Play Music

If you are a music lover who likes to listen to music of different genres and styles, you will like this application because it has one of the largest music libraries available to users. Here you will find over 30 million music tracks, so you will always find something to listen to. The music library is continuously updated with new tracks, so you can always listen to new music from a wide range of genres.

Google Play Music

If you also mark the music tracks you like, the program will create an individual music playlist for you consisting of tracks you might like. This application is free, but if you want to avoid listening to ads, you can subscribe to a paid subscription and enjoy a carefree vacation.

#2. Spotify

This application is a serious competitor to the previous one as you can also access more than 25 million music tracks here. Many choose this application because this service produces the most accurate music selections that each user likes based on the songs they like.

Spotify music app

If you want to listen to high-quality music and songs in order without ads, you can buy a subscription. The service offers a variety of subscription options for students and families.

#3. pandora

Pandora website for free music streaming

This application was the first to offer users to listen to what they might be interested in, which gained great popularity among many music lovers. However, unlike many music apps, you can only access 1.5 million different music tracks here. When you listen to it, it also includes ads, so you might want a paid subscription.

#4. iHeartRadio

If some people like to listen exclusively to music while driving, some prefer to listen to radios where they can not only listen to music, but also various programs, news and much more. This app can be invaluable when traveling around the world as it allows you to tune into different radio stations in your destination country.


It contains over 900 radio stations from all over the world, so while on holiday you can listen to local news, songs from local singers and bands and much more. Plus, if you hear a track you like, you can save it to your playlist.

Bottom line

Each of our journeys is necessarily accompanied by music. If you are going on a long journey to different countries and cities, you cannot do without music apps where you can listen to your favorite music as well as listen to new music from different genres.

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