Seine-et-Marne: In Fontenay-Trésigny, the success of Jardins du Bréon

800 m² plots have been developed by the town hall near the gymnasium ©DR

Landscaping shortly before summer did not prevent the gardeners from making an impressive harvest. In four months, they harvested no less than 170 pumpkins. What to satisfy Melissa Andrieuxthe president of the association of gardeners in Bréon.

It is the latter that initiated the creation of the famous Jardins du Bréon.

Located on the edge of the Fontenay-Trésigny gymnasium (Seine-et-Marne), this 800 m² vegetable garden was created on a site that had been unused until then. Fenced in for a few weeks now, the area was landscaped in May. A shed has been installed on site and allows gardeners to store the necessary tools for the vegetable garden.

Very good soil

Eight grounds have arisen each approx. 80 m² in it. “We have six individual plots and two collective plots, states the chairman of the association. The association’s members are free to plant whatever they want on their land. In the collective plots, we plant all kinds of vegetables, which we then share,” she confides.

Thus, plots of tomatoes and pumpkins were planted just before summer in these rooms. And what a first harvest they gave! “The land we cultivate is of very good quality, says Mélissa Andrieux. In addition to the 170 pumpkins that we have collected from the collective plots, since the beginning of July I have harvested just under 15 kg on the plot that I work ”.

Currently, the members of the young association occupy almost all the available land. “We still have a single lot left. But the waiting list is already considerable, promises Mélissa, who tells us that she has almost 20 people interested. Many are families,” says the person who runs the selection of the future member.

The site was officially dedicated to it September 24 by the mayor of Fontenay-Trésigny, Patrick Rossilli. For the occasion, the members of the Jardin du Bréon had prepared dishes based on… pumpkin! “Given the amount of vegetables we harvested, we had to prepare dishes with pumpkin,” she smiles. Pumpkin brie soups and madeleines were made for the occasion. This moment of conviviality was also the time to discuss future projects. Because even though Jardins du Bréon is newer, the association is closely interested in projects for the year 2023.

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We would like to make a chicken house on the site. In this context, we have already found a breeder in Courpalay who proposes to sell us dewormed, vaccinated chickens with clipped wings so they cannot fly. This henhouse could promote short-circuiting, but also be an educational tool for the little ones.

Melissa Andrieux
Jardins du Bréon was inaugurated by the mayor of Fontenay-Trésigny, Patrick Rossilli ©DR


But that’s not all! Hives are also believed to be in the tubes.

A beekeeper from Pontault-Combault suggests installing two beehives in our gardens. We could benefit from the production of honey.

Melissa Andrieux

However, these two projects still need to be discussed with the municipality.

Finally, the young association wants to open up the city by conducting educational workshops such as tastings or sharing knowledge about the kitchen garden. “We would like to set up events with a certain repetition. But at the moment we do not yet have a well-defined timetable,” confirms the association’s chairman.

After five months of existence, the gardeners hope to see other plots of this kind see the light of day in the city. Who knows…

Information To become a member of the association Gardeners of Bréon, a contribution of 20 euros is required for one year, as well as a deposit of 50 euros for the equipment. Participation in all the organized events is also desired.

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