Lézignan-Corbières: A glimpse into retro at Espace Gibert

CULTURE. The Kulturforeningen took stock of the year 2021 affected by Covid-19. The point of his health and his projects.

The association’s members, its associative, institutional and private partners as well as the public were invited to the general meeting at Espace Gibert, chaired by Alain Simonet for two years. Two exercises under the influence of the health crisis: “We must remember a year 2020 with periods of confinement from March and cancellation of many of our events. Subsequently, due to the long closure of cultural sites imposed by government measures, the public start of our 2021 edition only took place on June 11 with the introduction of the health card.“. However, the association has not been dormant during this period: “We have adapted to sustain cultural sharing by offering videos of our art and history and civilization conferences“.

A shortened cultural season

The cultural season 2021 therefore only begins face-to-face in June.:”For this late launch, an exhibition of paintings and pastels and an art conference were proposed, before moving on to our summer program of summer Thursdays, in limited mode with four full concerts and organizing the pass. Despite a slight drop in attendance, it was a great success for this particular edition“. At the start of the 2021 school year, the association cautiously resumed its activities and quickly ended up finding the public. A trend confirmed in 2022: “From January, Gibert offered a rich and varied programme. We are currently completing the 2023 program and the association participates in the municipal operation Parcours Citoyenneté


A healthy team and economyTo organize no less than four cultural Fridays a month, Espace Gibert can count on a dedicated team of volunteers and good cash management, despite the absence in 2021 of the municipal subsidy. A situation that has since been rectified, with the municipality once again standing together with the Central Municipality, the Department and the Region in terms of financial support. Just like last year, Gibert’s certified public accountant reminded that every association needs a working capital of about one year to function smoothly. Alain Simonet, the president explains: “To make culture accessible to everyone, our events are free, except for classical concerts and only one summer concert (€5). Furthermore, we are mainly dependent on grants“. On the organizational side, a commission is dedicated to each main theme of the association (**): “We would also like to thank our association partners who share our dynamism: Maison des jeunes et de la culture, Palace cinema, Institute of Occitan Studies

“. Note the presence at the assembly of Valérie Ferret, municipal councilor in charge of culture for the city. The departmental elected officials were excused, retained for a public meeting.

Espace Gibert’s premises also served as a Covid vaccination room for a period.

Johanna Bouvarel’s pictures are inspired by film and film methods.

Johanna Bouvarel’s pictures are inspired by film and film methods.

Gibert’s next meetings

Friday 14 October from Can be discovered until 18 November during opening hours. Friday 21 October at 18.30 (€5): classical concert by “Alter duo” (piano and double bass). Friday 28 October at 18.30 (free): Art conference by Chantal Caillard Pech de Laclause (animals through art). Contact: 24 boulevard Marx Dormoy – 04 68 27 30 32 – espace.gibert@orange.fr. Opening hours: Tuesday from 14 to 18, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 18, Friday from 10 to 12 and from 14:30 to 18, Saturday from 9 to 13. ).

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