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A new resistance operation in occupied Palestine took place on Saturday, October 8, against Israeli occupation border guards near the occupied holy city of al-Quds (Jerusalem).

His balance sheet is the subject of two versions.
The first estimates that one female soldier was killed and two soldiers wounded, one of whom was in critical condition. This is the version of al-Manar, the Lebanese news TV al-Mayadeen and some Palestinian agencies.
The other reports that there were three injuries, two of them serious, including a female soldier whose life is in danger, according to the spokesman for the Israeli Hadassah Hospital.

In detail, according to images from the video released of the attack, a Palestinian got out of a car stopped in front of the Israeli checkpoint at the Shu’fat camp, located north of Israel.al-Quds. He approached Israeli occupation border guards and opened fire on them at point blank range. Before escaping. The images in the video show the state of panic that overcame the Israeli soldiers.

The occupation forces have launched a manhunt for the perpetrators of the operation and decreed a state of maximum alert in the holy city for fear of other resistance operations. Special forces and drones have been invested in tracking down Palestinian resistance fighters.

The head of the Israeli occupation police in the holy city said that the mastermind of the operation has been identified. He said whoever would have transported him in his car was arrested along with two others who were believed to be involved.

camp_chaafate-png1Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation forces besieged the Shu’fat camp, where residents celebrated the commando operation in that camp (also known as the Anata camp) that prohibited its Palestinian residents from leaving and medical rescue teams from entering.

They then launched the attack on the camp, raiding its houses and arresting around thirty young Palestinians. There would be injured Palestinians with metal bullets.

The Israeli occupation police decided to close all the doors to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
According to the Israeli television channel Channel 12, there was an attempt to frame Israeli soldiers in the al-Tour neighborhood of al-Quds. It would have been carried out by the author for the operation of the Shu’fat camp.

Lebanese TV news correspondent al-Mayadeen reported that Israeli occupation police were still chasing the perpetrator, while Palestinian youths attacked the Shu’fat checkpoint with stones.

Hours before this operation, on Saturday morning, several dozen Israeli military vehicles had invaded the Shu’fat camp to surround the house of the released Palestinian prisoner Saleh Abou Zinat, and clashes had broken out.

At the same time, the holy city was the scene of tensions when the Israeli occupation police suppressed a peaceful march near the Bab al-Aamoud gate to celebrate the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Mohamad (p.). 5 Palestinians were injured, reports the website of the Qatari television channel al-Jazeera, and 8 others were arrested.

martyrs_jenineSimilarly, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, where the city of Jenin and its camp were the scene of clashes, where 2 young Palestinians were martyred and 11 others were wounded while repelling an Israeli offensive. 3 of the injured are in serious condition, the Palestinian Ministry of Health says. According to the Israeli daily Maariv, an Israeli soldier was wounded in the thigh.

The two Jenin martyrs are Ahmad Daraghmat (24) and Mahmoud al-Sous (18). They were shot in the head and neck respectively.


Their martyrdom comes the day after that of two Palestinian teenagers: Adel Daoud (14) and Mahdi Ladawdat, who were killed separately, the first by a bullet to the head south of Qalqiliat and the second in the clashes that took place in the village of al-Mazraat , northwest of Nablus.

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