Auto industry: Ministry official reveals details

The General Director of Development and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Industry, Abdelaziz Guend, revealed new details in the case of the automotive industry in Algeria, where he confirmed the existence of advanced negotiations with several manufacturers according to new regulations with a view to launching investments in the near future.

The latter, who was a guest in the morning guest show on Radio Chaine 1, this Sunday, October 9, said that Algeria is in negotiations with several international car manufacturers and from several nationalities and continents, and the goal of the Algerian state is to establish a real car industry.

According to the General Director of Development and Competitiveness in the Ministry of Industry, the negotiations are for the big brands and in response to the nature of the Algerian consumer, whether it is to own a luxury car or a car that meets his needs, i.e. say according to the citizens’ purchasing power.

Guend added that “When we spoke to the producers, we said that we did not want you to see Algeria only as a market, but as a partner who can help, support and accompany you to conquer the market. African.. . All producers who have a desire to invest in Algeria as an industrial partner are welcome, especially in light of the new investment law, which gives them several privileges. »

Guend optimistic for 2023 regarding the car assembly file

Regarding the date, the official in the Ministry of Industry clarified that by the end of 2021 a roadmap has been drawn up so that the industrial sector contributes 15% to the gross domestic product, and that the state hopes to be able to launch investments in, among other things automotive industry in the near future.

In conclusion, Abdelaziz Guend added that investments already exist in Algeria and that there are factories and companies that will resume work after justice has decided on their cases. By assuring that all indicators are optimistic and that 2023 will be a year to reap the fruits of the efforts of 2022 in the industrial field.

The Prime Minister returns to the automotive assembly file before the APN

Prime Minister Aimene Benaderrahmane said on Thursday, October 6, in parliament, that the trend of car assembly “is mainly based on encouraging international car manufacturers to invest in our country thanks to new stimulating benefits enshrined in the new law. on investments” , which would “attract the biggest international brands” in the automotive industry.

Adding that in return for the parts that foreign manufacturers will be able to benefit from, the government will ensure a “tangible increase” in the speed of local integration in cars made in Algeria as a prerequisite for foreign manufacturers as they become need to work to include local handling in the manufacturing process by integrating the vehicles and the parts produced.

In this regard, the Prime Minister said that “very advanced negotiations have been conducted with international car manufacturers who have shown an urgent desire to invest in our country, to build a real car industry that will benefit all parties”, considering the importance of the national market on the one hand and what it must create on the other hand, jobs.

He said: “Negotiations are very advanced and we will conclude them this month,” adding: “This time we are on the right track.”

In conclusion, Benaderrahmane mentioned measures to be taken regarding the confidentiality of the file and the procedures. Specifying: “There are several international dealers who want to come to the Algerian market, but each according to its own conditions, and our only condition is to allow the automotive industry in Algeria with all its foundations, all its conditions and all its inputs, to be able to set up this industrial handling, which some were not able to do before. »

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