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The trailer for the animated movie Super Mario Bros, which was revealed on October 6, has created quite an incredible enthusiasm on the web. Among the big issues is Chris Pratt’s voice for Mario, which is not to the taste of some English-speaking fans.

Nintendo pulled a punch with the reveal of the first images of the Super Mario Bros movie in its October 6 Direct! The trailer has gotten a lot of ink flowing, creating surprising excitement.

Brilliant and dynamic, the trailer received a very warm welcome from fans of the mustachioed plumber. If the quality of the animation is brought up, the discussions are also driven on the dubbing.

In video games, the hero in the blue overalls actually expressed himself only in small phrases like “let’s-go”, “it’s-me, Mario” or “Mamma Mia”, all sung by the American comedian Charles Martinet.

The latter gives a very childlike color to the voice of his Mario, with a stamp that rises a lot in the treble. Nintendo and Illumination, the studio responsible for the feature film, have decided to take a different direction here, giving the character a “normal” voice for the first time.

Thus, Chris Pratt had been chosen in September 2021 to embody the most famous of Italian plumbers.

“Chris was cast because we felt he could give a good performance as Mario. Now that we’ve gone through fifteen shooting sessions and the film is three-quarters done, I have to say that I love his performance as Mario.”said Chris Meledandri, head of Illumination.


For his part, the interpreter of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy shared his enthusiasm for the idea of ​​slipping into Mario’s overalls.

“I worked very closely with the directors and tried a lot of things before I arrived at something that I’m very proud of. I can’t wait for viewers to see and hear this. It’s an animated film dub, not a live action -movie.”he pointed out.

“I’m not going to wear a plumber outfit throughout the movie. I’m voicing an animated, updated character, and that’s something you’ve never heard in the Mario universe before.”he specified.

However, after watching the trailer, English-speaking fans weren’t really convinced. The latter just hears Chris Pratt’s voice on Mario, with no particular color, and can’t see where it is “never heard” in there.


Therefore, many American or English Internet users have turned to the French version of the film, which they consider to be closer to the Mario of the video games than Chris Pratt’s.

“Good, I’m going to watch the Super Mario movie in French”, netizen Yong Yea comments in a tweet that has been liked and shared by thousands of other accounts. And for the specialist site IGN, “the french dubbing is delicious.”

For its part, Culture Crave states: “France has a voice that looks like Mario and we have Chris Pratt.”

Another netizen, Ajay, also created a buzz by posting the VF trailer accompanied by this comment: “The French dub has a killer Mario voice!”

This “killer” is none other than Pierre Tessier, a very active actor in dubbing, especially as the French voice of Ryan Reynolds.

Hi Cine

Pierre Tessier aka Super Mario

He is also the one who doubles Arthas in the World of Warcraft games or Lt. Dan in the Lucifer series.

The Voix Ouf team, our show dedicated to French dubbing, had met the actor who entrusted his memorable voices, from Deadpool to Detective Pikachu via Titanic’s villain. He also lent himself to the game with our concept of doubling cult scenes.

Super Mario Bros, the movie will be released in theaters on March 29, 2023.

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