In Nevers, students discover electric cars: their reactions are surprising

Esteban Da Silva and Erwan Lecamp take their place in Renault’s 100% electric Megan E-tech. At the wheel, Jordan Deguet, of the Simonneau dealership.

The seller is almost as young as the two Isat students.

Three boys, a little nostalgic for the “golden age” of the thermomobile, who realize they have to go for a ride.

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Everyone agrees: the car remains above all an object of pleasure and an instrument of a certain freedom. “I like it when it’s noisy. This one doesn’t go “vroom vroom”, laughs Erwan, “it’s too sanitized. And it lacks the ‘lucky stick'”. Translation: the electric car is silent and has no gearbox.

Esteban, on the other hand, is more reluctant about the technology itself. “I think we don’t have enough perspective. Especially about the production of batteries. On their recycling…”.

Answer questions about electric cars

These students, who are destined to become engineers in the automotive and transport world, were among the “targets” of the organizers of this “day of discovery”, as were the high school students of Pierre-Bérégovoy.

Because the automotive sector must be ready. From design to production. The end of thermal cars is still planned for 2035. “We are here to ensure that the training is as suitable as possible”, says Ludivine Simonin, from the Campus des Métiers, at the beginning of these moments of discovery with students and high school students. ..

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While some of the “Isatians” tried out the available cars, the others chatted and waited for their turn. The discussions were, quite logically, about electric cars. And all the received ideas, the brakes, the a priori, the reluctance they generate. Are they really organic?? Is the end of oil really near? Why do they reduce CO2 emissions?

But where is the engine?

These young people’s questions mainly concerned autonomy, recharging time… At Isat, as at the Pierre-Bérégovoy Vocational School, students were often quite ignorant of this new motorization.

“In fact, the questions are always the same”, emphasized Jean-Marc Jacques from the association Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Electric Mobility, who took care of the theoretical part before the students got behind the wheel.

In order to reach out and raise awareness among students, teachers and organizers therefore went through the “fun phase”. Thus, at the Pierre-Bérégovoy high school, an electric Ford Mustang was presented to amazed students.

“But where’s the engine?? » exclaimed a young man with his nose under the hood, noting that in the “traditional” place of the engine there was a trunk for storage.

Customize training quickly

The step seems very high to cross so that these young people understand and comply with the new motorisations. Didier Girard, deputy director of vocational training at the Lycée Bérégovoy, knows this very well: “Manufacturers are starting to produce electric cars and young people must be employable”. Furthermore, the school has reoriented its BTS, from BTS MCI “internal combustion engine” to BTS MTE “all-energy engine”.

The conversion is underway. Erwan continues to test the electric Renault. Let yourself be surprised. Like his classmate, Esteban: “The power is delivered directly, you can feel it,” he says.

And to cover the silence of the engine, a solution: turn up the sound of the radio…

Laura Brunet

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