Buyers want space, greenery and reasonable prices

You can’t deny that, in many areas there was one before, and there will be one after Covid-19. The real estate market is no exception to the rule, especially on the side of buyers who tend to abandon a city lifestyle to pursue something else. In Lille, this is reflected somewhat differently in a loss of love for the city center in favor of neighboring municipalities, even further away, which offer more opportunities in terms of space and, above all, exteriors.

Is the famous “Covid effect” fading?

On this subject, opinions seem to be divided. “I did not feel that effect on the price. They continue to rise gradually to reach between 5,000 and 7,000 euros per month. m2,” says Fanny Penant from Immobilière de Lille.

A radically different story at Nathalie Forest Sotheby’s, an agency specializing in exceptional properties: “Last year we had a much higher turnover than usual, thanks in particular to expatriate workers who wanted to return to France. and which caused prices to explode “, acknowledges the director of the agency.

The same is the case outside Lille, in Saint-André, the favorite sector of Mathieu Bacqueville, independent agent of The Door Man: “It is true that prices are stabilizing today, but rather at a high level and not at the level before the health crisis .In this city we are now around 3,000 euros per m2,” he explains.

We are looking for the landscape in the city

The three specialists interviewed by 20 minutes largely agree on the shift in buyer orientation. “Research is less about the city centre, notes Fanny Penant. Our customers want a garden or a courtyard, as well as larger accommodations. Ditto in exceptional real estate, where, according to Nathalie Forest, “future buyers necessarily want an exterior, even a small one. »

Suddenly, this almost automatically eliminates Lille centrum, which faces the difficulty of finding such properties, even with a significant budget. “It happens, but it is rare. For example, recently in Lille I sold a 200 m2 house with a courtyard and a garage for 1.15 million euros,” says the director of Nathalie Forest Sotheby’s agency.

“We are still in a dynamic period with more buyers than properties on the market,” says Fanny Penant. But despite the scarcity of goods, customers rarely buy above the market price and do not make concessions on what they want. »

Relapse to the small crown

Difficult customers, that is, but who are only more mobile. It is thus the municipalities that border Lille that get a certain benefit from it. “There are many properties that meet the criteria for buyers in Saint-André. This especially explains why prices have risen there in recent years,” says estate agent Mathieu Bacqueville.

Agents mention municipalities such as Lambersart, La Madeleine and Marcq-en-Barœul as a hunting ground for future buyers. “They may even agree to go even further, against Wasquehal. In general, we see an increase in demand in almost all the cities served by the tram lines,” continues Nathalie Skov.

Other municipalities, even if they are very close to Lille and show very attractive prices, are nevertheless avoided by customers. For the estate agent in Lille, “Fives or Hellemmes suffer from a bad image in terms of security, which discourages people looking for a property, while there are still houses with exteriors at very affordable prices”.

“For years we have been waiting for these neighborhoods or municipalities to rise up,” adds Nathalie Skov. In reality, we feel it’s been itching a bit lately, especially from a rather bobo chic clientele. “Boho chic, but wealthy and not necessarily from the region. In the working-class neighborhood of Wazemmes, the luxury agency did the trick, selling the Parisians a 300 m2 loft “with very good facilities” for the modest sum of 1.5 million euros.

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