Alpine: Gasly arrives in 2023

This is the French Formula 1 team: Pierre Gas shelter joins Esteban Ocon in 2023 to form a duo of French pilots within Alpine, aiming to help the French team regain the heights of the world championship. Normandy reunited! Leaving his AlphaTauri stable and signing for “several years”, Pierre Gas sheltera native of Rouen, will join Esteban Ocon, his former karting partner from Evreux, within Alpine, a brand founded in… Dieppe. “The fact that it is a French team is of course emotionally very special”highlighted Gas shelter26 – like Ocon – who will replace the Spaniard Fernando Alonso and leave for Aston Martin.

This is also the end of the story between Pierre Gas shelter and the Red Bull Galaxy, who trained him and then promoted him to F1 in 2017, within the Toro Rosso satellite team (now AlphaTauri). “A real chapter ending and a new adventure beginning”says again, ahead of the Japanese GP this weekend, Gas shelterwho will take his “own flight”.


AlphaTauri, compensated by Alpine, because Gas shelter was under contract until the end of 2023, will replace Gas shelter by 27-year-old Dutchman Nyck de Vries, 2021 Formula E (electric) champion. Pierre Gas shelter, whose future at Red Bull was blocked by world champion Max Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Pérez, finds an ideal way out. Alpine also comes out stronger after a difficult summer. Surprised by Alonso’s departure, the team had formalized his replacement by its reserve driver Oscar Piastri. But the 21-year-old Australian had other plans – he had already signed with McLaren for 2023. “We’ll come out on top, with the best driver available today”assesses with AFP Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine. Gas shelter represents exactly what we need”, he continues. “He has shown that he can win, score big points and at the same time he is very young.”.

Inseparable lanes

Alpine also brings in another Grand Prix winner. A few months before Ocon (Hungary 2021), Gas shelter had in 2020 in Italy become the first Frenchman to win a GP since Olivier Panis in 1996. The two Norman drivers, 26, grew up together in karting, at the Anneville-Ambourville circuit near Rouen. “Esteban was there for my first laps, and twenty years later we find ourselves in the same team in F1, coming more or less from the same hometown in Normandy, it’s incredible”smiling Gas shelter.

Although their relationship subsequently fell apart, their paths are inseparable, from karting to Formula 1: seen by F1 teams, Gas shelter joined the Red Bull sector, the Ocon Mercedes fold. After Ocon in 2016 with the Manor stable, Gas shelter joined F1 in 2017 with Toro Rosso. Both have exceeded 100 Grand Prix in 2022. They have known victory. But also difficulties. To Gas shelter, it was the emotional lift of 2019. Promoted to the official Red Bull team, he has no time to convince that he is already relegated in the middle of the season. Back to the AlphaTauri box. Ocon, he is pushed in 2019 towards the exit by the arrival of the Canadian Lance Stroll, whose billionaire father had just bought Force India (became Racing Point and then Aston Martin). Ocon then became Mercedes’ reserve driver for a year before signing with Renault in 2020.

Seeing them reunited, at least until 2024, could almost seem natural. However, their life together will not be easy: although they respect each other as athletes, they are no longer friends. “Esteban showed a pleasant maturity, assures Rossi. It was not the most obvious choice for him, given their commitments, (…) but he took it very well and the two had the same reaction: ‘water has run under the bridge'”. “We are both smart and mature enough to measure the responsibility it takes to represent a brand like Alpine and a group as big as Renault.”details Gas shelter. “And we both have the same ambitions, to be at the front”. Currently the 5th team on the grid, Alpine has set itself the goal of fighting for wins by 2024.

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