Ymir by Rich Larson: So Much Love to Give…

So much love to give

Rraised in France by The factory of tomorrow (his first collection of short stories crowned by The Grand Prix of Imaginationjust that)the Canadian one Rich Larson returns this time in the long form for the first time with ymir. Always at The Belial’always illustrated by the excellent Pascal Blanche and of course always translated by the impeccable Pierre-Paul Durastanti. Let’s land now on a planet of ice in the company of a certain agent of the company…

“The Notch becomes hazy with beauty. Its bio lamps and its neon lights, its dirty alleys, its expressionless inhabitants. When the traveling market selection screen goes out and he sees his own reflection, he thinks he is beautiful too. The shadows hide the trench of ​​his angelic smile, the joint between the lower jaw and the flesh; they hide his half-blood eyes. »

ymir is a pure science fiction novel. ONE planet opera same.
And as such, it takes us to a distant planet in a completely alien universe. Rich Larson is not one to explain what we are getting into, and that is with a mysterious ” crock pot “that the descent takes place. Inside, Yorick awakens from the dead. Literally.
Held in stasis in a pool of torpor for years awaiting a new task, a new hunt.
Returning to Ymir, his home planet, is not good news for Yorick. Poor memory. Dark ghosts.
Many years earlier Submission brought Ymir’s people to heel.
That companyafter the discovery of considerable wealth in the planet’s basement, he decided to exploit this inhospitable ice hell colonized by socket and redhumans genetically modified to withstand the terrible climate that prevails on the surface.
in L’Notchthe most important underground city in the Nordics, the men, women and none living under an artificial sky and exhausting themselves in the mines. That companyshe imposed her yoke and her authority.
And if it succeeded, it is mainly thanks to Yorick, who had become a traitor to his family and rejected by his own brother, Thello, who at the same time tore his mandible off with a needle gun shot.
So to return to Ymir…even twenty years later, is to take some risk half bloodson of a selkie and one ultramundane.
Still, Gausta needs Yorick’s skills. In one of the northern mines, a grendel awakened, a machine spirit left by the ancients who once populated the galaxy. Hunter off grendels Recognized and seasoned, Yorick must therefore go hunting, while the embers of rebellion heat up and once again threaten the frozen planet with an uncontrollable conflagration…
Rich Larson takes us step by step into the world ofymirand the beginning of the story is not an easy task for the reader.
Little by little, short chapter by short chapter, the reader will nevertheless better and better understand the complex socio-political situation on this multicultural planet where violence is omnipresent.
We immediately greatly admire the careful description of this system of oppression cyberpunk in the spirit and set up by company. This tentacular entity, which seems to rule over much of the galaxy, imposes its mechanical law on humans, rules the planets by inhuman algorithmic choices, and never hesitates to make the necessary sacrifices to keep the situation under control.
Rich Larson not only put together an almost dystopian society with this company but also a universe where technologies are both digital and biological. You can thus restore a lost mandible with one stroke gel meat or carving prisoners for furnish and put them in biotanks.
How much extra space in the cells i company

“If a grendel were to kill him, of course it would be in Ymir’s stomach. It could have been when he climbed Baldr’s beautiful sandstone cliffs or sailed through the metallic clouds of Hod, but no. It will be here, in the damp darkness, that he will die. Like anyone less committed. »

If the universe seems both very rich and very black, Rich Larson focuses above all on describing the complex relationship that unites Yorick with his brother Thello.
The Canadian paints the portrait of two men with opposite temperaments, one consumed by violence, the other who cannot stand it.
From then on, paths began to diverge very early, and fear and then anger set in. At the center of the story, Yorick’s redemption involves understanding his own past, accepting his crimes, and above all, revisiting his memories. Rich Larson explores the labyrinth of memory, or how we deal with our traumas to give them meaning or, conversely, to avoid facing the dire consequences.
Alternating with Yorick’s main story, flashbacks and dreams/nightmares will shed light on the roots of evil, or how two brothers who love each other have grown so far apart over the years.
memoir, ymir invests the intimate to tell the violence and the influence of the environment on the person. Not only the harsh conditions on the planet’s icy surface and the racial problems there between natives and settlers, but also the mother’s upbringing, the raised hand that eventually transforms the child into a cold, razor-sharp being. The innate and the acquired. Still.
In this almost psychoanalytic dive, ymir conveys its mythological references. Takes the name of the father Jötnar’s from Norse mythology, the planet reveals the lost remains of an extinct civilization, the ancients. ONE BDO (Big Dump Object) mark their presence as a fossil of crushing size: Ansible.
Then the time will come grendela distant cousin of the opponent of Beowulfbeasts of prey with strange and incomprehensible behavior, which mark and illustrate the fable told by Yorick, what’s dead must stay dead. And too bad if for that it is necessary to kill or wipe out by taking drugs with blows Doc or of Hyena.

“Children, we collect the deepest wounds. The following are extensions and variations only. »

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ymir is a novel about our time, of our time. It perfectly illustrates that science fiction, far from being an abstract genre separated from reality, on the contrary transcribes it perfectly. In the novel by Rich Larsonwe find this fear of multinational corporation control, of colonization and slavery, of deprivation of freedom up to deprivation of the body itself.
The possession of himself, of his feelings, of his memories.
Control becomes a problem, even under the icy wind on the surface.
It is also a kind of warning about the possibilities of technology, which dehumanizes as much as it heals, which captures as much as it liberates.
To confront the gulf that separates us from this ultra-technological era, Rich Larson invests the human feeling, guilt and brotherly love. It collects rather than divides.
He loves instead of hating. Like a therapeutic mantra.
ymir is a novel for today and tomorrow, definitely.

Dense and exciting novel, Ymir offers the most beautiful science fiction to explore our guilt and our rebellion. On the planet of ice, the fires of rebellion against oppression smolder and memories boil to remind us of the real and the fundamental: the love between human brothers.
Rich Larson signs a first novel as masterful as it is dark, where politics and science fiction marry perfectly without ever suffocating each other.

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