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Xavier Verdelhan: “ The user must become an actor of his health »

From the beginning of the 20th century, the hope of a digital personal medical record sprouted in the heads of the most daring technicians, and the legislature voted in 2004. However, it was necessary to wait more than a decade before the first initiatives in this area, seriously technically, with the creation of the DMP (Shared Medical Record) in 2015 (online registration no longer possible since July 1, 2021)

Since that date, this tool has had mixed success since ” at CPAM in Greater Hainaut we had about 1 in 5 or 6 insured with a DMP », Comments Isabelle Grimonpont, the digital health project manager. This voluntary and essential registration of the patient generated a very very unsatisfactory relationship on such an important subject. That’s why the legislature validated a radical change in the 2021 Social Security Funding Act.

My Health Space is completely separate from your AMELI account

In fact, the government’s logic in 2021 was to make the creation of “My Health Space” automatic for all insured persons. ” The legislature reversed the system. In fact, it is the insured’s digital health record. The user must become an actor of his health “, specifies the deputy director of CPAM in Hainaut, Xavier Verdelhan.

The basic idea is to take over the existing DMPs and, of course, create an online, ultra-secure medical file for each Social Security insured. “ On My Health Space, the insured will be able to integrate medical documents themselves, their history (allergies, etc.), their end-of-life directives. Similarly, general practitioners (treating doctors, etc.) will be able to integrate doctor’s prescriptions, comments, laboratory analysis results against a hospital report from the beginning. In terms of history, there is not your history of prescriptions, surgeries… (unless you integrate it yourself), but the last two years of Social Security refunds. In fact, your digital health record starts the moment you activate it. », adds Isabelle Grimonpont.

The first contact is very favorable with the policyholders of Greater Hainaut considering that a first letter ” to our 650,000 policyholders generated a 0.6% decline on this system », adds Isabelle Grimonpont. Please note that CPAM will never have access to the insured’s medical data. My Health Space is not the AMELI account, we only manage health refunds ” says Xavier Verdelhan.

You remain the decision maker on “My Health Space”

As a result, your “My Health Space” account exists ” already for all the insured, where your general practitioners will be able to intervene, discuss your pathology. Then the insured person is the only one who can activate his digital health book, he can object to such or such treatment (physiotherapist, nurse, doctor, etc.) consulting his health record. The insured can change his mind at any time about the opening of “Mit Sundhedsrum”. On the other hand, without any opposition from his side to the complete or partial opening of His Health Room, practitioners will at least be able to exchange between them on your medical course », adds Isabelle Grimonpont.

Dr. Jacques Franzoni, president of the CPTS of Valenciennes (professional territorial health society), confirms this decisive step forward. ” All the doctors had complicated business software, sometimes very complex and very time consuming. Today, we can easily, quickly and transparently intervene in the health care of the insured “.

Please note that the insured receives a message on “ every first access for a general practitioner. If he wants to prohibit him from consulting your medical records, you can object ” says Isabelle Grimonpont. Moreover, all parents are familiar with this system because ” it’s similar to the ENT devices (Digital Workspace), you receive a notification alerting you to a message from your child’s school on such and such a topic. I acknowledge that My Health Space is a very easy to use online version “, specifies Annick Pigot, from the Sainte-Marie clinic in Cambrai, piloting this project.

Nevertheless, we must talk about the essentials, the ultimate health of the patient, because at least your medical condition will be known in an emergency department. ” If you are in a life-threatening emergency in a healthcare facility, this knowledge of your personal case represents a very important medical advance. commented Rachid Dris from Maubeuge Hospital Center.

Finally medical messages … sure

Among the really crucial advances, you have secure notification on “My Health Space”, where “ the therapist can send you a message. You can now exchange with your patient in a secure way and more in a classic unsecured email or even via SMS. adds Rachid Dris.

In turn, the end of the conversation is chosen by the healthcare professional. ” This digital journal has been subject to extensive consultation with professionals. They do not want permanent notification. This notification is only possible at the initiative of the general practitioner », states Isabelle Grimonpont.

Harmonization of health applications…

To be transparent, the feasible area has become feasible thanks to a technical and decisive foothold on the part of the government. For more than a decade, software designers each worked in their fields with very different products in the developed technology. It is clear that the state has blown the whistle on the end of recreation with MANDATORY specifications to be respected by software designers. In fact, the existing business applications had to collect all the data from local doctors, etc., and then make themselves compatible to connect with the “My Health Space” administrative interface. Easy to write, but as spectacular as the MEPs’ vote on the manufacture of a single cable for smartphones, huge for manufacturers.

Without this technical revolution, we simply wouldn’t be talking about “My Health Space”. This system is also hosted, and therefore your personal data, in France. This is not insignificant given that Europe is still a garden gnome compared to the US or China; also there things are moving towards a new sovereignty of big servers in Europe at least, the road will be very long.

We will support policyholders in difficulty Pauline Villette

It is clear that the digital divide should not and cannot be an obstacle to the activation of your online journal. “ There is a real problem with activating My Health Space “, reminds the DGA of CPAM in Greater Hainaut.

As such, a dedicated ‘digital health’ service from the ARS (Regional Health Agency) has been launched on this real and sensitive topic. ” We will support policyholders in difficulty through events, awareness campaigns, presence at events… in the 7 territories of the region. At Valenciennes, there are two of us to intervene says Pauline Villette, from the department for digital health.

Of course, there are older people where ” a digital inclusion professional can launch the policyholder’s health record with him, but also with younger people who are very familiar with digital, social networks, but have total problems with e-administration “, declares Pauline Villette, the couple at Valenciennes of the digital health service.

Go to https://www.monespacesante.fr

To reach your destination, you can activate your digital journal by going to the website www.monespacesante.fr ; then you use your social security number, the Carte Vitale serial number (on the right of the picture, take out the magnifying glass), integrate a password… If you have a problem, you can contact ” 34 22 (free service + cost of a local call open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) for all questions regarding access to “Mon Espace Santé”concludes Isabelle Grimonpont.

For example, a 62-year-old insured witness was present at this exhaustive presentation. “ I had activated “My Health Space” in the spring of 2022. Then recently I had a bicycle accident and I noticed that my care documents were present on my digital patient record”comments Jean-Luc.

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