the weapon will not fire on the citizens to protect Saed

The movement’s president EnnahdaRachel Ghannouchiconfirmed to be ready to give up the chairmanship of the party and not to stand again at the next congress. He also clarified thatEnnahda did not oppose the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saidto return to power. He added that the National Salvation Front, if Ennahda part, prepared to hold large demonstrations on the occasion of Evacuation Day on 15 October 2022. He believed that Tunisia should resist the dictatorship taking on a new form of colonialism. He assured that the party expected a mass mobilization.

In an interview published on 6 October 2022 by Al Jazeera, Rached Ghannouchi indicated that the demonstration is aimed at opposing the coup d’état led by the head of state and the snap legislative election on measures and aimed at excluding political parties. . In this sense, he believed that the investigations regarding the deployment of Tunisians to the conflict zones were unfounded and exploited by Kaïs. Said to turn political issues like elections into security and terrorism issues. The president seeks to end the existence ofEnnahda by exploiting justice. Rachel Ghannouchi explained that he expressed his displeasure to the judge during his hearing related to these cases. He had also told the latter that he was claiming his immunity as President of the Assembly of People’s Representatives. Rahced Ghannouchi been the subject of five investigations. He claimed that these will lead to nothing.

Rachel Ghannouchi confirmed that the popularity rating of the President of the Republic was in decline. He recalled that the majority of political parties were against him and had announced the boycott of the elections, including those who supported him on July 25, 2021. He believed that the army and the police used to support the people. According to him, the army will never shoot at citizens to defend him. He believed that the latter should not count on unconditional support because it is not a tool of oppression.

When we went to the parliament, we found a tank there. We were elected after transparent elections… Since that day we have used as a slogan “HAVE Give it a shotState“… It is true that there were not many protesters that day…150 regional premises ofEnnahda had been set on fire… We have organized more than twenty events… Kais tried to confront us in a show of support and no one answered his calls… Ennahda seeks not to exploit the evil of men, but to defend the values ​​of the revolution “, he declared.

The movement’s president Ennahda deplored the use of military justice in cases involving journalists, MPs and activists. Asked for support for Kaïs Said during the 2019 presidential election, Rached Ghannouchi called it a political mistake. He assured that this support did not result from ulterior motives but from slogans and the latter’s stance as a candidate. Ghannouchi claimed it Said had not at that time revealed its true intentions and its project aimed at the exclusion of political parties. The president ofEnnahda referred to the election announcement and positionisia to prohibit parties from participating in the election campaign. He concluded that Said sought to establish a dictatorship that put his person at the center, distorted reality and resembled the system introduced by Muammar Gaddafi.

Rachel Ghannouchi have explained the Ennahdha had established a model of participatory political Islam. He claimed that the party had ruled under an agreement with two other secular parties. He believed that failure ofEnnahda was the result of tens of thousands of strikes over the past ten years. These have weakened the country and made the unions even stronger. However, this does not mean the incompetence of nahdhaouis to have held key positions in the state. He remembered that Nidaa melodies and the late Béji Caïd Essebsi had also ruled the country. He mentioned the example of Nidaa melodieswhich has completely disappeared, to confirm that the movement Ennahda had not lost the battle.

Ghannouchi believed that the absence of a constitutional court was one of the biggest mistakesEnnahda. He also said that the fault was shared between his party and the other players on the political scene. He claimed that Kais Saied sought to block the establishment of the Constitutional Court in order to carry out his coup.


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