The Metaverse: Will smart glasses replace smartphones?

Google come to advertise that Exit of one news couple of glasses smart gifted of that technology AR (artificial intelligence). To raised -one questions interesting. What will happen to smartphones when smart glasses become more popular?

Since to Google have put in line that video of demonstrationProject Glass : One day…”he there have ten year, that world have summer reason by the idea smart glasses in the Metaverse. We’ve witnessed a few attempts, but nothing has really caught on… yet.

Metaverse: New Iinterest to them Lglasses Iintelligent

IN 2022, thereafter to everything that world tried Again of TO DO face on that pandemic, Google have discreet do -one huge acquisition. In June of the same year, the tech giant bought North, one of the most promising smartglasses start-ups.

well to that price exactly did not have does not summer confirmed by Google, that World and E-mail have reported that he was superior on 180 million of dollars. After that, the year last, Google have employed various developers of software and of material of AR (augmented reality) of high level.

That rumours have started on circulate on that do to Google worked on some thing important.

And These rumours have ultimately summer confirmed when that community have announcement what was about to sample of new glasses smart gifted of that technology of reality reinforced.

Smart glasses Ready to replace smartphones?

That actions of Google have excited of many speculations on the future of glasses smart. Some entrepreneurs technologically think to them glasses smart will end by replace them smartphones.

feel Zuckerberg, by example, think to them glasses smart will be that major medium access on the Internet from here that end of that decade. IN do, that founder of Meta is whose confident in this forecast that he have already started on invest in of StartUPS of YEAR and of VR.

He is not does not that only on think to them glasses smart walks replace them smartphones. Alex Kipman, the inventor of The HoloLens of Microsoft, think also to them glasses smart is the future.

He think to them smartphones is already death, but tothem people does not that know does not Again

6G is coming and smartphone manufacturers know it

Interestingly, even some of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world are starting to come around to this notion.

For example, at the World Economic Forum in Davos last year, Pekka Lundmark, CEO of nokia, said that in less than 10 years we will have 6G technology. But there’s a catch (which you can see coming a mile away).

He means that instead of using our smartphones to connect to 6G network, we will use smart glasses. So it looks like the writing is on the wall. Smartphones may not be around for very long.

Let’s go in-we in that Metaverse mercy to Lglasses Iintelligent ?

well of course, he rest -one big questions on Which one he should reply : on what walks to serve them glasses smart ?

Some believe that smart glasses will be the key to unlocking Metaverse. In popular science fiction, characters are often seen accessing virtual reality worlds through advanced glasses or contact lenses.

So it’s no exaggeration to think that smart glasses could one day lead us into our own Metaverse.

After all, if they can replace smartphones, there’s no reason why they can’t also replace consoles and PCs. Only time will tell what the future holds for smart glasses.

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