Lannion. The 31st Ursuline Science Festival this weekend

On the program for the 31st Lannion Science Festival, entertainment for all ages. ©Archive Isabelle Philippet

Just like last year Ursuline’s room, in Lannionwill host Trégor Science Village, from 14:00 to 18:00, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October. A 31e edition of the Fête de la science during the climatic awakening, supported locally by the Lannion-Trégor Communauté, the Planetarium of Bretagne and many volunteers.

The opportunity to bring together researchers, knowledge brokers and the general public a festive and free time.

The range of topics is vast, as is the diversity of the Trégorrois ecosystem: conservation of the environment, new technologies, telecommunications and photonics, astronomy…

ArmorScience. Exhibitions, giant board games on protecting coral reefs, discovery workshops on microscopic marine life, events related to energy management.

The eco center in Trégor. Let’s experiment with energy!

STAGES association. Climate variability: a long history, a problem today, consequences for tomorrow. Exhibition, models and experiments.

Fablab Lannion. Low-tech applications that use the sun’s free and abundant energy.

Videos: currently on Actu

IETR-Multip. Fight the effects of global warming thanks to hyperspectral imaging.

Info theme. Installation of citizen air quality sensor.

Photon Institute (Enssat). How to measure the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere?

Bird Protection Association. Sept-Îles and climate change.

LTC Environment Department. The first results from studies on the risk of harbor subsidence in the territory of the LTC, the increased risks of water shortages and water-saving policies and/or changes in biodiversity.

Coastal house. The Adapto project: exploring natural coastal territories for solutions to erosion and sea flooding.

The Association for the Study and Conservation of Selachies (Apecs). On the trail of the basking shark (considered endangered), which can be observed near the coasts of Trégor and Goëlo.

Tregastel Aquarium. Behind the scenes through an exhibition, then extend your visit to Trégastel.

Planetarium in Brittany. Experiment: how certain materials behave in the presence of a vacuum. Animations: projection using innovative software and digital devices. “It will be possible to immerse the viewer in space and offer programs that simulate the starry sky or objects in the solar system”.

Gallic village. Workshop around two tanks to simulate the work of archaeologists.

Tregor Astronomy Club. From large animated and luminous models, the relative movements of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the stars and the constellations.

Board the Treb. Presentation of the 7th Film and Image Festival in the Underwater World (October 20 to 23 in Trébeurden). Exhibition of old diving boxes.

Monotonous. LightBox: experiments around light. Lifi: transmission of information through light.

Foton Institute (Enssat) and Photonics Brittany. Data transmission with fiber optics or with chip made with integrated optics.

Telecom city. Virtual reality, 360° images, augmented reality, mixed reality, metaverse… 360° aerial tour over Radome. Discovery of “binaural” sounds.

Orange Labs. What is 5G? (Sunday 9 October). Robots, programming and connected objects (reservation on site). The possible uses of augmented reality in the house of the future.

Speech therapist at the Tréguier hospital. What are the vocal cords for?

Photonics Brittany. Lighting technologies at the service of life.

Radio observation Pleumeur-Bodou. Observing our galaxy on the radio.

Lannion IUT. Disconnected computer. Can we spread information faster than light? Chemistry in all its states.

This will. The unsuspected world of algae.

Lannion Science Fair 2021
Again this year, it is in the Salle des Ursulines, in Lannion, that the science festival takes place. ©Archive Isabelle Philippet Note: The Marine Aquarium of Trégastel opens its doors free of charge on weekends from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. By booking, guided tour: underwater biodiversity, missions, technical operation of an aquarium, etc. Tel. 02 96 23 48 58.

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