Jonathan Huberdeau is selling his four luxury cars in Florida

Earlier this summer, the Florida Panthers surprised pretty much everyone by trading Jonathan Huberdeau, Mackenzie Weegar, Cole Schwindt and a first-round pick to the Flames for Matthew Tkachuk and a fourth-rounder.

And as my colleague Mathis Therrien reported to you this morning, Huberdeau was among the most surprised by this transaction, he who would have let Panthers GM Bill Zito know the bottom of his thoughts when he heard the news.

But since then the situation seems to have changed a bit. Huberdeau is now in Alberta and seems to be thriving there, so he signed a contract extension that will see him wear the Flames uniform for the next nine years. In short, it’s here to stay.

And since Calgary isn’t exactly a place where the roads are as beautiful as Florida (due to the weather conditions), Huberdeau was forced to put his four Florida vehicles up for sale, including a beautiful light blue Ferrari and an excellent Tesla. We were able to see them in particular in a video on the NHL’s social network, if that ever intrigues you.

So what did he replace his car collection with? With a vehicle adapted to Alberta winter road conditions: a Pick up.

Our colleagues at HabsolumentFan also reported the news to you earlier today.

We are far from the big Ferrari, but at the same time let’s say that the big sports vehicle is not exactly optimal in a snowstorm. A truck is much more suitable for winter conditions, let’s say.

The story doesn’t say if Matthew Tkachuk will be interested in buying them, but it wouldn’t be the first time a trade involving the two guys has happened this year, eh eh.

In short, a big change for Huberdeau, and if anyone currently in Florida is reading this and looking for a quality vehicle, this could be the opportunity to look into buying them from Huberdeau…

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