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Contrary to what a large majority of people believe, spying on a cell phone is not the exclusive domain of hackers or computer geniuses.

Today, our mobile phones have become indispensablewe store an incredible amount of private data there, which can even go back several years, we carry out all our personal and professional communications and procedures there, so many reasons that lead us to remain cautious, but also bring greed to some unfortunately not always well intentioned.

That mobile application developers have understood the extent of the phenomenon and provide many spy tools, to closely monitor all types of smartphones. Be careful though, all use of these applications is far from legal in France.

Why spy on a cell phone?

The reasons for spying on a cell phone can be many and varied, it is possible to know everything about a person’s life just by having access to the content and applications on his cell phone.

You may have doubts about your spouse’s fidelity, be unsure of the exact whereabouts of your children, want to supervise an employee whom you do not trust, make sure that a member of your family is there, or you think, in short, the reasons because spying on a cell phone is numerous and not always illegal, it is true that the verb to spy is very pejorative.

Find a phone

Have you lost your mobile phone or maybe someone has stolen it? Do you want to track the owner of a smartphone, whether it is a spouse, your children, a parent, a friend?

Very simple methods, sometimes even integrated directly into mobiles, now allow you to locate a Smartphone very easily and regardless of the operating system of the mobile in question, iOS, Android, Windows phone, etc.

It is also very possible to install monitoring software on a third-party smartphone, the most popular application at the moment is mSpy, a tool designed for parental control. But let’s admit that its use goes far beyond the scope of child supervision.

The mSpy application is not the only one on the market, and depending on the operating system of your mobile, you can use software such as uMobix, SpySpyzie, Spyic, XNSPY, Automatic forwarding

All these applications allow you to track and locate a mobile in real time, although each of them offers its own functionality.

Spy on text messages

If you want to spy on a third party’s SMS, it is a completely illegal practice. But be aware that there are many applications or software dedicated to practice on the market and that they even offer access to other types of messages such as WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger

It is true that text messages are increasingly being used as evidence in divorce cases, in criminal cases and in commercial disputes.

It is important to know that these tools must be installed on the third-party smartphone and that a jailbreak of the phone will be necessary to take full advantage of all the features.

In this regard the software uMobix proving to be more powerful than competing tools, it offers countless other spying options at the same time.

You can also use other software such as mSpy, FlexiSpy or uMobix… They are all very successful.

Read WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is the star application of the moment and especially among children, a good opportunity for parents to control what their loved ones post on messages.

However, the application uses end-to-end encryption and it is not that easy to hack an account WhatsApp at a distance. There are many methods that allow snooping and tweaking in the target smartphone, but these maneuvers are not easy and obvious to approach for a simple user.

The other solution is to use an application, most of these offer the option WhatsApp, but a paid premium subscription is very often necessary. These monitoring applications also offer great discretion and security, yes, the built-in encryption protocols ensure that your private data is kept safe.

The monitoring app min spit stands out from the crowd and offers a large number of options to spy on everything that happens on the target account (calls, messages, photos and videospp).

Keep an eye on your child

We all want to know what our children are doing and consulting when they get online. Traps and other prohibitions are numerous to reach our cherubs who don’t always know how to set boundaries and this is where we parents have to come into play to watch our children.

Before we think about pure and hard surveillance, let’s of course make room for communication and a good education, but between us the dangers lurking are too great and smartphone surveillance sounds like a no-brainer.

So what to do?

  • Enable Classic Parental Controls
    • This option points more to the preventive aspect. The majority of applications related to social networks embedded on a smartphone will be monitored and analyzed, photo and video files as well, so that all unwanted content will be identified to be better banned and deleted.
  • Use custom applicationse
    • Monitoring tools created by knowledgeable parents, child psychologists, youth experts, and even legal experts are available. Bark is a concrete and very effective example of this for the protection of our children.
  • Use spy apps
    • It is not a luxury when parental controls are not enough or no longer necessary, it is then necessary to switch to another more effective form of monitoring. The mSpy application then proves to be an excellent solution when the parental control sliders need to be increased by one or more notches. This tablet and smartphone application offers everything parents can expect (control of social networks, geolocation, key logging, incoming and outgoing numbers)

Until several years ago, cell phone surveillance was reserved for police forces. But for some time there has been consumer software that can remotely monitor any laptop.

These spyware is hugely populartheir use is varied, whether it is simply to find a smartphone, to monitor one’s children and even sometimes to confirm infidelity…

There are a large number of mobile spy software in the market, paid, free and sometimes even do not require installation on the target smartphone.

free spy apps

There are a large number of free mobile spy apps on the market, however, it is good to know that in order to take full advantage of the many options, you still need to pay a monthly subscription.

  • mySpy : The most complete and powerful spy application compatible with Android and IOS. Focusing on parental control, mSpy wins all the votes.
  • FlexiSpy : Compatible with IOS and Android, the application offers absolutely everything one would expect from such a tool.
  • LetMeSpy : Android compatible, the free spy application offers many features, it is widely used in professional spheres

Programs that do not require software installation

Many do not know this, but it is quite possible to spy on a mobile phone without having to install any software.

that you owned an Android or IOS phone, it is possible to locate and even monitor a person’s cell phone, via the built-in tools. However, the spying options remain very limited and will certainly not live up to your expectations.

Sophisticated spyware like mSpy allow without installation to closely monitor and follow a mobile, from your laptop or PC. You will then get all the features that advanced spyware can offer you (monitoring messages, social networks, geolocation, listening to calls…)

The best spy software for smartphones

You want to buy cell phone spy software, but you are completely lost in the face of the many applications available to you. Let’s see which is the best spy software at the moment.

  • mSpy : it is the most successful software, compatible with IOS and Android, Windows Phone, BB and Symbian. Highly advanced technologically, it can only give you full satisfaction.
  • MobileSpy : this software is a pioneer in phone spying technology, unfortunately it is only compatible with Android. This tool will also give you full satisfaction with its many available options.
  • SpyBubble: This is a very new player in the world of spy software, it is compatible with Android, iPhone and BlackBerry. It can be installed on multiple devices with a single license. Unfortunately, some interesting functions are not available (recording of information entered on the keyboard or listening to calls).


It is good to know that in France the use of spyware to monitor someone without their knowledge is strictly prohibited and even punishable by prison and fine, in fact the law considers it a violation of privacy.

However, there are circumstances that allow the use of a spying tool and in this case for companies and parents. To do this, an icon indicating the application must be visible on the screen.

You know a little more about mobile spyware, remember that marketing it is completely legal, so if it is possible for you to spy on third party mobile easily, then remember that you can also become a victim, keep an eye out…

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