Help My Business announces forum for African investors in Qatar

In fact, on the occasion of the World Cup, the international platform Help My Business is organizing the Economic Forum from 24 to 28 November and the African Village from 20 November to 3 December 2022. These events will revolve around meetings B2B with economic players from the Gulf countries, as well as exhibitions, conferences, workshop debates and networks.
The “Help My Business” platform, which was created in March 2022 to help young African companies and give them access to financing solutions, indicates that: “Everything is perfectly organized in cooperation with the Qatari authorities, so that the participation of mayors and African economic actors is a success. Qatar aims to establish itself in Africa. It is very important to be among the first to benefit from this windfall. We hope that everyone will be able to seize this opportunity”. And he adds that “the African village can be considered in simple terms as a large fan zone in fair format, bringing together the 5 African countries that have qualified for the World Cup. Countries come to promote their rich cultural heritage and also present their economic know-how”.

Compilation of the Help My Business package

To act legally, the organization was mandated by the Qatar Ministry of Industry and Tourism to organize the African collective fan zone “African Village” and subsequently by the Qatar Investment Authority to organize the Qatar-Africa Economic Exchange Forum, which is part of the African Village. “And Qatar International Tours is Qatar’s public body that organizes trips to Qatar during the FIFA World Cup. Initially, we wanted to honor our country by organizing a cultural event that would give greater visibility of Cameroon to the world. It was necessary to take advantage of this very popular World Cup to promote Cameroon’s brand image. We therefore initiated the “Cameroon Village” project. When they contacted the Qatari authorities, they told us that considering the size of their country, which is too small, they had could not afford to organize events for each country, that’s how they suggested that we organize an event on an African scale and the “Cameroon Village” was simply transformed into an “African Village”, explains Help My Business.
However, it must be clarified that if only the African countries qualified for the World Cup have exclusivity for the cultural expression component of the African Village, the economic forum is meanwhile open to all African countries that want to participate. Offers are developed to allow optimal participation, especially for married couples and businesses. The organizing committee, led by the Cameroonian Ghislain Edande, ensures the overall management of the bidders’ arrival in Qatar.
However, it gives 6 free places, all expenses paid, for 2 journalists, 4 chefs and two start-ups. To benefit, simply register on the website by paying the modest sum of 28,000 CFA francs. The best profiles will be selected after validation by the selection committee.

Who is Ghislain Ebande, promoter of the Help My Business platform ?

Born in 1973 in Garoua, he studied at the public school of the colléré of Garoua, Ghislain Ebande has a master’s degree in marketing, obtained at the Tunis Business School. He began his career in the industrial company of canneries in Medjes el Bab, he also worked for the investment fund Enki Capital in New York. From 2014 to 2020, he will be director of operations at Kiwitech, still in New York. From 2020 to 2022, he serves as the Marketing Advisor for Africa for the Organizing Committee of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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